ummmm, not sure about it this quote these days! Since I got home from my month vacation my longing to fit in has been consuming my mind. I feel like I want to be part of a gang, a community. Maybe with my old age I just want to blend in, standing out or behind ahead of the curve never got me anything. I've lived in Canada for 33 years and don't particularly feel Canadian and even less Quebecois, not that I feel British ( I was born in England) nor French ( most of my family lives there). Not sure what I feel- citizen of the world? Nope not that either. Maybe I need to travel more and haven't found my place yet! I should have thought of that before I had kids.

As a blogger, I also have mixed feelings. Where do I fit in? Yes I sew but I don't feel like I quite fit in the sewing blogger world. I love design / fashion but I don't quite correspond as a design nor a fashion blogger. I am nor here nor there. Should I care, probably not.... but I do! Maybe I love too many things and I should listen to my husband and quit spreading myself thin. How do I choose just that one thing? What are my strengths, my strong points, what am I really good at? How does one know? Where do I go from here? Where do I fit in? Will I ever? I should just stop torturing myself and keep doing what I do, maybe that is the right thing.


I think I need to meditate on this a little longer, don't be surprised to see changes around here! Thanks for listening.