I am starting a new series: PETIT STYLE with weekly tips & tricks on how to style your kids wardrobes. It will be different every week but basically it will be just some little  things I do when I shop and dress for both my kids. So shopping tips, making clothes last, how to wear hand me downs, mix and matching etc... I hope you will enjoy this! And if you have any request, let me know!

So my first tips are really pretty basic... Mix It Up. And what I mean by that is wear something old, something new, something handed down or if you sew something handmade. 

Don't stick to one brand or one store... look at what you have in your wardrobe and mix it up. A good way of doing this is maybe finding one common color in all your items. 

For example MissE has the color coral in her floral tank top, her jumpsuit and her vest. It worked out all perfectly! We added the red sandals which was in the same tone as her jumpsuit. 

Also by mixing and matching, you can get a great outfit for very little. The tank top and sandals were hand-me downs but thrift shopping is a great option too.  The jumpsuit was handmade, learn to sew you won't regret it!  And the vest I got at a sample sale for 20$, be on the look out for sample sales or year end sales- I often buy for the following year when the deals are good and if it's a brand I really love. This outfit cost me a total of  30$-  if you count the fabric I bought to make the jumpsuit. 

Mix higher end brands and indie brands with lower ones and thrifted items for a unique and stylish outfit. It works every time! 

Tank Top & Sandals: Zara
Jumpsuit: Fancy Pants Leggings pattern by Titchy Threads ( remixed which you can see here).

P.S. MissE styled her own outfit today. I taught her about finding the same color in her different items and she is a pro! 

P.P.S Never leave your home without your phone- they take some pretty awesome photos! 

Let me know if this was this helpful? Would like more of these types of post. I would love to hear from you.