Hello! I just want to say thank you sooooo much for all the lovely support and sweet comments on my post last week. This competition is really teaching me a lot of things, for one I don't like being on the bottom! So If you love what you see here today, I would LOVE your vote. You can see all the entries HERE on the Project Run & Play website and cast your vote there. Yay!

I am very excited to show you my outfit this week on the wonderful theme of the Fabric Challenge. If you you've read my blog before and check out my tutorials page, you might have noticed I have a slight obsession with modifying, painting, dyeing, stamping my fabric and clothes. So you could imagine my surprise when I saw that creating our own fabric was one of the challenges!

What I love the most about sewing for my kids, is that I can create whatever I want, however I envision and imagine it. I love to create special items that can't be found in stores, things that are unique but still wearable and comfortable. In creating your own fabric or patterns you can achieve that even more and make some truly one of kind pieces. For this outfit I was very inspired by the Belgian style of kids clothing. I love brands like Maan and Simple Kids. I love how they mix and match colors and their use of prints and layers. I've noticed a trend in the use of photographic prints lately and have always wanted to give that a try. On a side note, I find the photo above of MissE a lot like one of Anne Kuris older collections, she happens to be one of my favorites

So first up is the Photo Print Dress with a little dip-dyed fabric.

Look up at my blog header ^^^. Yup, I used that exact photo to create my fabric for the skirt part of this dress. I have been wanting to try this out for while now. I blew up the photo and had it printed on some cotton over at Spoonflower. I think I might be doing this more often, I am really pleased with how it turned out. Is there anything more personalized and unique than to have a special photo you cherish on something you make. Think of all the amazing things and gifts you could make. To top it off, this photo holds a special place in my heart, first it's a picture of my kids taken 2 years ago on a summer vacation in one of our favorite spots, Ogunquit Maine. Also, it's has been my blog banner for 2, almost 3 years and is sort of like my signature, my identity. It brings back so many happy memories and I cannot believe how fast these kids grow. I am feeling a little emotional. I might just have to frame this dress once Miss E outgrows it.

I've been wanting to get the Roma dress pattern ever since I saw Trine's version she made for Stylo Magazine. When I decided on the photo print, I just knew the Roma would be the perfect pattern for what I had envisioned. It is such a clever pattern, I just love how the collar is constructed and how lovely the piping looks. I dip dyed the upper bodice using 2 shades of blue. I cut out my pieces first and then dyed them. I wanted to create something that ressembled a clear and beautiful summer sky.

I used orange for the piping and sash to pick up the color in the blouse Miss E is wearing in the photo. It also happens to be a nice complementary color to the turquoise. I happened to have the perfect orange zipper in my things. To accommodated the exposed zipper, I modified the back to create a slight V. I made a sash in the same color- I find it makes the dress slightly dressier. 

It is such a comfortable and light weight little dress, just perfect for the hot summer months coming up-  dressing it up or dressing down, awesome for everyday. 

Next I made a few accessories. I created a star stamp with a cookie cutter and a potato. With a little sparkly navy fabric paint I created my pattern. I then unravelled the edges of my scarf and left them raw. I added 2 large neon orange pompom to match with the dress. I also dip dyed some tights with some aqua and blue dye to complete the outfit.  

Someone is loving her new outfit! 

Actually, she was thrilled we got to go play outside. It was supposed to be warmer and actually had to cut our outing short because it was getting to cold. We still managed to have lots of fun on our little trip to the old part of Montreal. 

Finally, I created a denim jacket. I self drafted this pattern from scratch. I wanted something a little urban, a little different, something a bit utilitarian yet fun. I had an idea of the collar also being a hood. I have to say, the pattern pieces are quite interesting, because of the way the hood is constructed I had to create a "fake" back so the jacket would sit on the shoulders properly. Anybody interested in a pdf pattern for this? Maybe for this fall! 
Once I created the pattern, I cut out my fabric and had that soak in some bleach and water mix for most of the day. I folded and rolled the pieces so the bleaching would come out uneven and textured without looking like bad acid wash. You can see the original color of the denim in the belt and facing- it was super thick and super dark. 

I call this jacket " The Killer Coat", not only because it's killer cute but because it actually broke my sewing machine. Yup, not just the needle but the mechanism that holds the needle just fell off. It's good thing I had a back up machine ( a really crappy one) or you would have never seen this post. 

How fun is the hood? You can wear it up, wear it down or perhaps roll it up. The coat closes with some snaps- easy on and off! And the belt adds some shape to the straight cut of the coat.

You can see more details in these photos: inseam poscket, a little suede heart for a finishing touch, the lining is a batik printed cotton and the sleeves is more of the potato stamped cotton/silk  blend from the scarf. 

A sleek silhouette for this little urbanite. 

We can't wait for spring to show up, so we can finally play outside. It has been a crazy long winter. 

I hope you enjoyed my little outfit. I would love if you checked out the Project Run & Play website and vote for my One of Kind outfit. It takes seconds and you'll get see some other great outfits created by some super talented ladies. Next week is the final week and would love to show you my signature style- i have big plans!!! Check it all out HERE: www.projectrunplay.com/

Thanks again! and have a great week. 

P.S. If you are swing along, leave a link in the comments, i would love to check it out.