It's week 2 of Project Run and Play and I made it past week 1! I want to start by thanking everyone for your really awesome comments, your support and your votes- it's been a roller coaster kind of a week, but I am very excited to show what I was able to put together for this weeks theme: Spring Break. So don't forget to VOTE for your favorite outfits on the Project Run and Play  Website. I really do hope it's mine you love!

I have never been to the west coast and I knew I wanted to dream up an outfit for a beach vacation. I knew I wanted somewhere sunny and warm, a place that would be fun and chill at the same time. I figured California had everything I was looking to create a unique little outfit- it's a little retro, a little bohemian, a whole lot of awesome. And so I started California Dreaming...

For the bohemian aspect of my look, I decided to make a tunic style top, a bathing suit cover up. It wraps around and attaches with a ribbon tie. It also has a hi-low hemline for a updated modern look. The entire top is finished with bias tape and a facing at the hemline. It really is beautiful inside out. It's my little master piece!

I draped the fabric on my mannequin and created the top from scratch. I haven't draped anything in about 12 years! Basically I didn't use a pattern for this style, I just used some pins and created lots of pleats and then sewed everything together. It was a little like putting a puzzle together.  The lace detail is from an old vintage table cloth my mom gave me some years ago, it was stained and ripped. The corners had such lovely lace detailing, I decided to keep it. With one corner of the table cloth,  I was able to create the back, shoulders and cap sleeves all in one piece. I then added some lace ribbon at the front neckline and empire waistline, added lots of pleats and some gathering to make the style even more girly.

The fabric is this amazing Nani Iro I bought from Miss Matatabi over a year ago, it's a double gauze and it's such a pleasure to work with. I just love the oversize flowers and the print gave me the bohemian vibe I was going for with a very modern touch. The wrap around makes it easy to put on and take off, perfect to go from roller-skating to swimming!

Now to add a little retro styling to my outfit I created a reversible visor. I love mixing bold and pastel colors and by making this hat reversible, I got the best of both worlds. I used a cute stripe knit jersey for one side and a classical terry for the other. It took me a while to figure out how I was going to make the translucent part of the visor and after a visit to Staples in the plastic binder section of the shop, I had found just what I was looking for! I cut out the shape I need into the plastic duo-tang and added a bias border for a sleek finish. The hat ties at the back with a wide grosgrain ribbon, perfect for growing into. 

Now, no beach vacation is complete without a bathing suit...

I created a little vintage inspired swimsuit. I used the Fancy Pants leggings as my starting point, then modified the leg, scooped the back, doubled the front panel and extended it to make the bodice. I even added some elastic to the back to keep everything in place. 

 I am really excited to say that this will be the next pattern I release in collaboration with Laura who created the Fancy Pants leggings.

For this swimsuit, I used some tie dye fabric I had in my stash for one side and color blocked the other side using some thick lycra I found at my local fabric store. The style calls for a halter necktie, however you can easily pull it over your head making it easy to put on and off. I just love this retro look and silhouette. 

I also made some shorts to go with the tunic or to layer on top of the bathing suit. Miss E wears shorts under all her dresses and skirts in the summer- so naturally I had to complete the outfit with some fun shorts too. These are made from a lovely striped knit. I added a faux pleat to give it that sailor look and added some vintage buttons for an added touch. I was totally inspired by this image on my tumblr Least Little Thing.

These items will easily be mixed and match with the other clothes in my kids wardrobe and will be perfect for the hot summer days ahead. 

Now if only the snow would melt- there was yet an other snow storm as we were taking these photos, but at least we pretended it was sunny and warm.  

And lastly, the one thing you never forget when vacationing has to be your camera, it's an absolute necessity. I created a little Polaroid bag to keep within the retro theme and to add a little whimsy to my outfit. I deliberately made the bag inside out with the raw edges showing and white stitching to give it that extra edge. I stuffed it with polyester filling to give it it's 3D shape. 

I used some cotton canvas I had lying around, as well as some grosgrain ribbon for a pop of color and a striped strap to match the shorts. 

There is a fully functional zipper on the back, perfect for gathering little treasures such as small seashells. The kids loved their new bag, I am going to have to make Mister M one as well. I see many different types of cameras as bags in my near future.

So what do think? A little  retro, a little bohemian and a whole of awesome? Have I gotten you California dreaming?

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I would love to be back next week with another fun and crazy project!

and if you are wondering, Miss E likes to chase ghosts during our photo-shoots which always makes it interesting!!! On a side note, MissE  has not taken those roller-skates off since I gave them to her on saturday, seriously she wakes up and puts them and them takes them off to go to bed. I think we need to move to the west coast! 

Thanks so much for passing by and have a lovely week. Hopefully spring will finally show up!