Woohoo! We made to the final week of the sewing competition over at Project Run & Play
I can't thank you all enough for all the love I've received the past few weeks. The support and encouragement has been overwhelming. I haven't had a chance to reply to all the comments this week, but know that I read each one and count replying soon. So it is that time of the week again: VOTING TIME! This week the theme is to create an outfit according to your signature style. You can read all about my signature style HERE. I really tried to combine all the elements that make it me this week and give you The Heart Breaker. 

Don't forget to vote.... www.projectrunplay.com

I created an outfit that I think really represent me- a mish mash of pieces that work together or on their own I mixed in some old and new things. I did a little recycling. I added a few vintage touches and yet kept it modern and in trend. Most importantly, I had fun. 

I went with a 50's vibe and choose to play with shades of baby blue, red and mint. I created a coat, a blouse, some jeans, a headband and of course some accessories. 

We had some fun at the photoshoot, the best part was the milkshake of course! I found a nice 50's style diner with all the right colors and vibe. It was just meant to be.  


Here I combined my love for all things Japanese and recycling!
I've had these 2 quilted pillow cases in my recycle pile for a while now. As I was putting my ideas together for this challenge, I just knew I wanted to use the pillow cases for a fun coat. It was going to be a swing coat, but that would have required more fabric than I had. So I was going to make a cocoon style coat, very reminiscent of the 50's. But my fabric was too bulky. So the coat evolved into an oversized blazer which is right on trend these days. 

It is super comfortable and has that Japanese silhouette and feel I love.  The coat has bias trim all around and is fully lined and the softest little red polka dots fabric. I am loving the mint and red contrast. 

I had to be creative and remove some bulk for the collar to sit right. I used the same floral as the bias tape on the inside of my collar so it would fold over nicely.  I had fun drafting and making this coat. I know Miss E will get a lot of use out of it. 

Next.... The Heart Breaker Jeans.

I just love the Small Fry Skinny jeans sooo much, I had to make another pair. They are a really great base to work with and I had such fun remixing them. I made a size bigger and added a front pleat to the pants. I also lowered the crotch, created a new waistband, modified the front pockets and added some heart suspenders. 

I cropped the length for a more summery feel.  

The suspenders are removable, making these pants that much more versatile. 

All the seams are flat felled or bias trimmed- making for some really nice jeans inside and out. And how cute is the bias trim when you roll up your hem? 

By the way have you taken the Pledge yet? I've been thinking a lot about what my clothes look like on the inside these past few weeks and the significance about all the sewing I do. I hope you will join in the Fashion Revolution Day with me. You can read more about it HERE. 

and now we have the FLOWY BLOUSE....

I wanted to create something frilly and girly this week. I figured the outfit needed a little softness. 

I drafted a blouse pattern that is basically a circle. The hem is circular and the sleeves too. It is cute tucked in or left loose. I added a facing at the hem to give the top more weight and for the drape to fall nicely. I created the top with some inverted box pleat to give it the extra volume. 

The fabric is this lovely silk rayon mix, it slightly sheer and is just perfect for the hot summer months ahead. The colors and pattern really spoke to me. I doubled up on my flounce sleeve to bring in the polka dot again and to make it extra girly. This is my homage to all the lovely french indie designers that influence me. And look it's perfect for jumping in!

And finally no outfit is complete without its ACCESSOIRES....

I made some saddle shoes and a pair of sunglasses. You can see the before pics on Instagram if you like. I had fun painting the shoes to create the saddle effect. Although, I kind of wish I had the real thing, but this is almost as good. I also painted some old sunglasses I had and glued on some little flowers. The accessories just complete the 50's vibe I was going for.

Four turning on seventeen! She is going to be trouble this one. Can she get any cooler! Haha. 

I just love how this outfit came together, all the colors and element s work well together and I am excited about Miss E wearing them as separates as well.

It's been a few crazy weeks, specially that I am also working really hard on the Willow & Co collection which will launch  next week, but I had so much fun and really made some of my all time favorite outfits ever. This competition has pushed to think bigger and better and has made me do things I would only dream off.

I would love it if you passed by The Project Run and Play website and cast your vote. 


Thank you for all your votes and support, I truly am blessed to be able to do what I love and touches me deeply that you all enjoy what I make and that I can inspire you somehow. 


 Here they are just twisting away... I will have an outfit for Mister M this. So be back here on friday!!!