The season of Project Run and Play has officially started and if you din't know yet, I am a contestant and you know what that means- it's time to VOTE for your favorite outfit! I feel so honoured to have been asked to join in the fun and I cannot wait to show you everything I've been working on. In case you have no clue what Project Run & Play is, in a quick summary it's sort of like Project Runway but online and sewing for kids, come see for yourself. 

This first weeks theme is: Put me in the zoo. I had to create an animal inspired outfit- you can imagine how stoked I was. The kids and I decided to go to Africa and explore the biggest national park, The Serengeti in Tanzania. Are you ready for the ride? 

First up is the cutest hippopotamus you will ever see! Little Miss E is quite the hip-O, sporting the latest trends. When I think hippo, the first things that comes to mind are the color grey, leather, big and boxy. And so I designed an outfit around that. 

I upcyvled a pleather jacket I found at the thrift store. I un-stitched and decomposed that jacket to then use it almost in it's entirety in a whole new way. The only elements I kept are the pockets, I even re-used the same zipper. I think the jacket would be really cute worn inside out too, the wide pink stripes on the lining side are so much fun and add a nice punch to the very grey jacket. I also added some ruffles to the cap of the sleeve for some whimsy. I opted for a boxy silhouette and to fit the theme, how convenient that that is in trend these days. I also made the sleeve short to fit with what is trending and it makes it even more fun for layering.

With the left over pleather I made a little hat with some tiny and cute hippo ears. I use the Oliver + S  pattern from the book Little Things To Sew. I modified the pattern by removing the ear flaps and reducing the size of the hat ears. The hat, ears and ruffle on the sleeves are all lined with a cotton poplin in the sweetest pink and white stripes. 

Now the next thing that comes to mind when I think of a hippopotamus is a ballerina! Therefore to complete my outfit, I created a leotard and tutu for my dancing hip-O. 
The one piece leotard was self drafted, I had some heavy grey lycra lying around which was a perfect. I wanted to add a pop of color, so I added a tangerine and fuchsia striped bow to the top. I also incorporated some pleats for some added texture. 

For the tutu, I layered some hot pink, light pink, plum and grey to give the tut some depth. I followed the Oliver + S tutorial in that same book. I used some snaps for the closure, so MissE can get dressed all on her own. I wish you could see the detail on the the satin ribbon, it has the cutest little star print. The tutu is reversible, but funnily enough MissE like the grey side best. No arguing here!

Finally, every hip-O has a BFF, his companion the bird! So the outfit could not be complete without a little up-cycled turquoise leather bird bag. I added the orange neon grosgrain to tie in the colors with the tangerine on the jumpsuit. 
Have you ever seen a cuter hip-O? Ok, I might be bias, but still. 

And what is a zoo without it's Zookeeper, I ask? 

Mister M has never been so excited about an outfit. He followed along as I sewed and was willing to try it on so I could get the fit just right. He is the proudest Zookeeper I know and loves to take care of his Hip-O. Seriously. 

I have been wanting to make MisterM a jumpsuit for the longest time and I've been hoarding this fabric for ummm 12 years! It just had to be done. 

I use the Small Fry Skinny Jeans from Titchy Threads for the bottoms and then self drafted a safari style shirt for the top. The bottom has flat felled seam and I added grosgrain ribbon to the back pockets. The shirt has a snap closure, so it's easy to take off. I embroidered in neon yellow "ZOOKEEPER" and with that same thread I added it to all the grosgrain ribbon to keep the color consistent through out the outfit. The shirts has cuffs at the sleeves and a roll tab option. 

I also found the perfect vintage badge in my stash, it says Serengeti Tanzania and happens to have the embroidery of Mister M's favorite animal the Cheetah. This is badge is what gave me the idea for the photoshoot. 

I use a contrasting green fabric for the collar and inside the waistband. I just love the detail on the back of the collar. The grosgrain also covers the collar seam on the inside giving the jumpsuit a polished finish. 


And when Mister M asked where his Zookeeper hat was, I obliged. I used a sharpie to create the cheetah print on my sweatshirt fabric and used my famous self drafted hat pattern ( i promise the pattern is coming soon!). 

We had so much fun with the photoshoot and I really enjoyed to put this outfit together.

Now if you would like to travel with me a little more next week, don't forget to VOTE for my look on the Project Run Play website

I promise next week will be just as good!