Do you know WHO made your clothes? Have you ever stop to think about it? 

Laura from Behind the Hedgerow, Abby from Things for Boys and I have been working on a little something that might just get you thinking! 

Perhaps you remember the tragic collapse of the textile factory Rana Plaza in Dhaka that happen last year- well Fashion Revolution Day ( FRD) is a campaign created to promote ethical and sustainable fashion and on April 24th they are commemorating the 1133 people who lost their lives that day. They hopes to raise awareness of the connections and relationships along every step of the fashion supply chain and to highlight the power the fashion industry has to make change happen fast.

The first Fashion Revolution Day will take place on 24th April 2014. 

THE THEME: Who made your clothes? 
WHAT TO DO:  Wear an item of clothing inside out.
AND: Ask the retailer the question WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES.
HOW: share across all social media by USING THE HASHTAG #insideout 
WHY: The voicing of these questions, on a global scale, will raise awareness and encourage the fashion industry to continue the process of change.

So what are Laura, Abby & I asking of you? 
Basically,  On the 24th  of April 2014 we want to create a virtual flash mob.  The first Fashion Revolution Day will take place and we want the online sewing community to get involved, stand up and speak with one loud, strong, united voice in order to help create an ethical and sustainable fashion industry.
( If you don't sew you can still do this, specially the part up top!)

So all you need to do is take the pledge!

And then you can grab a button, tell your friends about, blog about it, spread the word however way you like.
Fashion Revolution Day Handmade

and on April 24th... that's when the real fun begins

- Photograph yourself or kids, your neighbours dog if you like, wearing something handmade inside out.
- Share your photo using the hashtag #insideout as well as #handmadeinsideout
Hopefully we will fill everyones feed with our photos.

- You have blog? Write post with the title "Fashion Revolution Day: Handmade #insideout" and tell us a little something about ethical fashion.

Now you might be asking yourself why?

Personally, as someone who sews and often answers the question to Who Made Your Clothes? with a "ME", the fact is that I can still make an impact and change the way we think, buy and wear fashion.

By taking the pledge I will  show solidarity with textile workers. As sewers, we know first hand what goes into making a garment from scratch and can therefore relate to the plight of these workers.

I will also champion sewing as a sustainable and accessible alternative to fast fashion and mass consumerism.  Whether it’s sewing a garment from scratch, upcycling something second-hand, or recycling the old to make something new, sewing is one way to achieve sustainable fashion.

So basically sewing your garments, wether it's a patch or the actual entire jean, is just another way to practice sustainable fashion and we would love for the sewing community to get involved in such a great cause.

Let's make a splash and do a little good on April 24th. So tell me, Who Make Your Clothes?