Bringing home a post I wrote 2 years ago for La Petite Magazine. I thought this was a perfect to go along with the sewing series put on by Jess of If Only They Would  Nap: Straight Lines and Angles.
Also don't forget to check the La Petite Magazine and blog because it's always filled with inspiration and only the best Kids fashion and design.

Here is a little round up of one of my current obsessions! Can you guess what it is?
1. Wall Decals 2. Knitted Rabbit 3. T-Shirt 4. Drop Print 5. Shift Mod Tunic 6. Owl Tote 7. Polar Bear Brooch 8. Knitted Scarf 9. Skirt 10.Pillow 11. Coin purse 12. Nesting Dolls

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