I will be extremely busy the next couple of weeks and I strongly doubt I will be able to blog much. So I've decided to bring home some posts I've written else in the last 2 years. Today I am bringing home one of my first posts from Babyccino. I was lucky enough to work the amazing ladies behind Babyccino and I am actually a little sad I won't be writing there anymore. They are no longer having contributors and so my journey ends. You should totally check out their blog and shop because it always full of awesomeness. I thought this post was still very current even if it was written 2 years ago. Enjoy! 

With Easter just around the corner, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite little bunnies found on my Pinterest. If you like what you see here I highly recommend you check out my board solemnly dedicated to bunnies entitled “Dust Bunnies”. You will find some cute DIY projects, jewellery, room décor, clothing and much, much more. Some of the images above are old, but nevertheless inspiring — you can discover some great artists and other amazing blogs through them…
1. Kenzo 2009:
2. Mr &Mrs rabbit plushies by Little Miss Loolies
3. Mustache Rabbit Print by Andrew Bannecker
4. Rabbit Clock by Misako Mimoko
5. Rabbit Friend by Fox and Owl
6. Mrs Bunny by Lieschen Mueller
7. Mr. Lewis by Le Train Fantome
8. Hop & Pek Egg Cup via Handmade Charlotte
9. Krys Kirkpatrick Bunny pillow via Kickcan & Conkers
10. Kanae Entani Embroidered Rabbit heads
11. Pohadky book from Cedok
12. Circus Bunny by Evangelione