2 years ago I wrote this little tutorial for

La Petite Magazine Issue 8

. After seeing all the wonderful floral

Small Fry Jeans

popping up on the web this week, I thought maybe it was time to bring home the tutorial and give you all a little refresher on how to make your own Floral Painted Jeans. It's a really simple tutorial, it requires a little patience but the result is quite fun and amazing! 


  • A pair of Pants or Denim or shorts for quicker results!(for best result pre-washed) or sew a pair of Small Fry Jeans by Titchy Threads
  • Some fabric Paint (I used some neon pink, orange, yellow & green)
  • Paint/ Stencilling brush 
  • Flower Stencil- you could create your own!
  • Cardboard 
  • Iron


- Insert some cardboard inside your pant leg to prevent paint from seeping through.

- Place your flower stencil at your pant hem and work your way up.

 STEP 2:

- Press your stencil down & paint the outside of your flower with some pink then paint the center with some orange and blend into your pink.

- For your next flower, paint the outside with some orange and blend with some pink towards the center.

Depending on your stencil you can add some yellow at the very center.

- Paint you leaves in green.


*** don’t apply too much paint and once in a while wipe down your stencil to remove any excess paint.


- Once you finished painting all the flowers of your stencil, move the stencil over and start over.


- Once you finished one leg, starts all over with the other and then work on the backside. If you want a professional/ store bought effect make sure the patterns on your seams don't match ( see photo above), as well as on your pockets and waistband. ( I was lazy with the back pockets and just kept my stencilling).


*** you don’t have to paint the whole stencil; you can pick and choose the parts of the stencil you like best. Also don't feel the need to paint the entire pants, you can do a more scattered effect for a more modern look.


- Iron… This is the most important step; most fabric paint need to be heat set or else you might loose all your hard work in the wash! 


You can try a monochromatic looks with flowers with same shades of the same color. How lovely would be all in blue? Or black and grey. 

You can use the same technic with different stencils, like a paisley or stars or polka dots for a different pattern. 

look how little Miss E was. Where does the time go? She wore these jeans last summer too, they are her favorite. I might see if they still fit and make them into shorts or bermudas. 

Or I might just have to make a new pair. I am on the

Titchy Threads Small Fry Jean Tour

next friday, so be sure to come back and see what I've made. 

Have a wonderful weekend!