Are you all ready to start sewing for the Shades of Me series? 
Hayley and I first came up with the idea for the series because we both had as a new years resolution to sew more for ourselves and thought it would be fun to get all of you to do the same! We love sewing for kids, we really do, but maybe 2014 is that year where we turn a little of that awesome focus and creativity towards ourselves. 

I studies to be a fashion designer and my first love was really in the world of woman's clothing. Can you believe I haven't really sewn anything for myself in 10 years or more!!! Crazy right? I think I stopped mainly because of the attention I was getting. I dreaded getting asked "did you make that?". I never knew if people asked because it showed ( in a bad way) or because they thought it was cool or too crazy different. I even thought of making a t-shirt that said "No! I did not make this". I just really didn't want to be in the spotlight. I also struggled with my weight at the time and well who likes to take their measurements, sew something up and have it just not fit right or just not feel good about it! I should have embraced my curves and felt good about myself, but that just wasn't were I was at the time. 

I also couldn't get what I made to look like what I had envisioned- I still struggle with this and I am slowly learning to let go. I dream up these wonderful things and get disappointed when I can't achieve it. I really need to focus on what I make and be happy with it.

So here I am today, getting past my fears and anxieties and giving this sewing for me a go. Not only am I sewing a full outfit for myself, but to top it off it will be yellow! I do love yellow but I prefer black, blue and grey in my wardrobe. At least my husband will be happy, he is always complaining that I don't wear enough color. 

So are you ready to sew along? We chose a monochromatic theme to make it extra fun and to get you to think outside the box. In reality all we want is for you to have fun and sew for yourselves in what ever color you want or feel. Head to toe yellow would be extra fun though!!! 

We got an amazing line up of crazy cool blogger posting their shades for the next two weeks. And of course we want to see what YOU will all be up to. So there are a few ways you can join in the fun...

- You blog and wrote a post, join your link party. 
- You don't blog put have some cute pictures you want to share, link up your photos to our Shades of Me flickr group
- You are on instagram or facebook, use the hashtag so we can find you #sewingshadesofme

We will be sharing our favorites outfits on our blogs and I we created a fun flipboard magazine which we will fill with everyones creations as well as some monochromatic inspiration.

Don't forget to HAVE FUN!!! 
and grab this button and add it to your sidebar, if you wish!

Shades of Me Sew Along

Be sure to be back on Monday… Hayley and I will be first up in our banana suits!

Oh and don't forget to enter the CRAZY AMAZING GIVEAWAY!

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