Are you ready for 2 weeks of colour therapy? Oh yeah! Sewing Shades of Me is a sewing series where moms who usually do a lot of sewing for their kids are going to be sewing for themselves. Oh but wait we are doing a monochromatic theme for the added challenge! So Hayley from Welcome To The Mouse House and I are thrilled to be hosting and are super excited to show off the first colour: YELLOW. 

Hayley has become a great friend in past couple months and I am so grateful I have gotten to know her. She is hilarious, full of personality, super sweet and crazy talented. Have you seen all her great patterns? Did you see her contribution to STYLO. Gorgeous right? She is such an inspiration… So here is a little teaser pic of Hayley's outfit- go check it out HERE and come back to see what I have been up to!

So if you have read the previous posts than you already know I haven't sewn for myself in ummm 10 years! And if you follow me on Pinterest you might have noticed I tend to like my wardrobe to remain in the shades of black, some blue and lot's of grey. I love colour and I wear more of it in the summer, but Yellow!!!! And all yellow was going to be quite the challenge. So I got over my fear and anxieties and did it... I sewed a complete outfit. 

I chose to make a coat as I knew it would still be cold and wintery when came the time to take the photos. I was lucky it turned out to be the mildest days in months! The fabric I am pretty sure came from the upholstery section of my local fabric shop. It has this velvet texture and is quite stiff- perfect for a coat, no? I just had to have it!

I drafted my own pattern, slightly based on a coat I already own. I didn't get enough fabric- so I ended up piecing a few pieces together, which was not my original plan. I gave the coat a 50's silhouette, 3/4 sleeves and rounded shoulders. I incorporated 2 slits on the back side seams and passed a belt I had through it. I love the look of a belted jacket on the front, but always feel self conscious when my waist is cinch at the back and accentuates my backside. With this method you get the best of both worlds! 

I cheated a little and added some brown to my coat. First I didn't have any yellow fur on hand and secondly this vintage fur collar just goes much better with my complexion than the almost fluorescent yellow of the coat. 
And well to really step out of my comfort zone, sewing for me and yellow wash't enough, I added an animal print lining. I never do animal print!!!

For the second part of my outfit I decided to play with tones of gold. 
I made some high waisted jeans. I was going to use a high waisted pant pattern from the latest Burda Magazine, however once I traced out the pattern it looked so big to me. I compared it to a pair of jeans I had and sort of resized the pattern and brought many modifications to it. It still ended up much to big. Now I know what I need to do, and I will be making plenty more as they are the comfiest pants I own. I also love the high waist, as you avoid all muffin top issues, specially when you wear something tight. 
My fabric is a stretch denim, form my local fabric store- I wish it was a little thicker but these will be amazing for this summer. 

The blouse pattern came form a Japanese Pattern Book I own called Simple Chic. I just love the japanese silhouettes- large and boxy so easy to fit! I used a yellow crepe for most of the blouse and a gold satin for the panels. You can't see it very well, but the blouse has a skinny peter pan collar which is a really cute and sweet detail. I love the drop shoulder and gathered panels as well. 

So will you see me wearing my head to toe yellow outfit again, probably not! However, I do love the individual pieces and I just know I will get lots of use out of them. I just hope I don't look like a banana couch in that coat… or get asked "Did you make that"!

I just want to say that I am so happy I accepted the challenge, I see more sewing for me in my future and maybe it's time to embrace some colour this year, so be sure to come back tomorrow and see how fabulous orange can look! 
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