photo by Emily Kornya for Moda Bambini

I got the surprise of my life today! If you are familiar with sewing blogs than this probably comes as old news to you! My amazing, sweet and thoughtful BFF Laura from Crafstorming organized a blog tour called "What Would Celina Do?". She gathered 25 amazing bloggers to sew or create something inspired by little me without me ever knowing about it. You could imagine my surprise!!! I am still in shock as write this. Bear with me this might be a long post! 
So it wasn't my birthday nor my kids. I really didn't have any big announcements or reason to celebrate and then I realized just a couple of hours ago that I had totally missed my blog anniversary! Petit a Petit and family turned 3 on February 2nd! I feel like I've been doing this forever and yet like I just started.  Crazy right?
I remember the first year, I was happy when I got 30 pageviews a day ( on blogger stats, so chop that in 3) and did my first giveaway that no one entered. And then my second year, I started blogging and contributing for La Petite magazine and would get so excited when my pageviews went up as high as 200 pageviews. I started blogging for Babyccino. I felt on top of the world. Then 2013 came around and I gave it my all. I became the a influential tastemakers on Pinterest. I became artistic director for Novalee. I put myself out there, I did a lot more sewing and creating. I became a part of the Sewing Rabbit Team. I became a contributor for Handmade Charlotte. I started working on Stylo as well as Willow and Co.
 I had big dreams, but with those dreams came self doubt and I started questioning- why am I working so hard? Why do I blog? Would any one care if I stopped tomorrow? What is the purpose of all of this? Am I crazy? Who cares what I pin or sew or blog about. And so I gave myself an ultimatum, I needed to decide wether blogging and everything that goes with it would become a hobby or something I could eventually live from and succeed at. I have put so much work and effort into my blog in the last 3 years. Then I went to Alt summit came back so inspired and a little discouraged all at once- but more on that next week. 

And here I am today with the reminder as to why I started blogging which was in the hopes to inspire you a little. My goal has always been to inspire you my readers. Never in a million years would I have thought I could inspire not only 1 or 2 but 25 bloggers and counting, and to top it off bloggers that I highly admire and who inspire ME on a daily basis. Bloggers who have become dear friends of mine and who I could not imagine blogging without. Friends that I depend on and who are always there to offer their help, who know what to say when life doesn't always go like you want it too. Never would I have thought 3 years ago when I started blogging how much I would get back in return. Or just the day when I am thinking what the hell am I doing, I get the sweetest comment or email from you and all that love that I get in return and the friendships that I've created is well worth all the hard work I put into this little space of mine. I am ok with being a small blog, I am ok with doing what I do and how I do it, because in the end I love it and it makes me happy.  

So I want to thank you, my readers for making my life more complete. 
And I would like to particularly thank everyone who was involved in this series, starting with Laura, seriously you guys I am not sure I would still be blogging if it wasn't for her. 
And thank you Olga, Abby, Hayley, Erin, Jess, Farrah, Trine, Tara, Toni-Maree, Christina, Kat, Carla, An, Jane, Marie-Laure, Palak, Elisa, Heidi, Tasha, Alexia, Mie, Sabra, Ari, Natalie & Rebecca, Suz and Lauren. You make my world go round and I have been so overwhelmed and honored today. I am privileged to be able to call you my friends. 

Please show these ladies some love- click on the photos below and it will take you to their blogs. They made some amazing outfits and tutorials, I am in awe of everything and in turn inspired. I promise you will discover some amazingly talented ladies and won't be disappointed.  

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