I have been invited by my sweet friend Olga from Kid Approved to discuss with you today what my signature style is. So I have been thinking about it for a couple of months now, I kid you not! 
What is my signature style? I am not entirely sure, you probably have a better idea than I do. 
Let's define what STYLE is first:

- a particular way in which something is done. created or performed. 

So what does that mean for me?
Believe it or not I googled how to define my signature style and found quizzes and questions. I then looked through all the sewing I have done for my kids in the past ( which you can look at HERE) and asked myself a few questions:
  • How would I describe these items? Are they crisp and tailored? Or perhaps soft and ruffly?
  • What image do they project? Sporty and comfortable? Or Edgy and fashionable?
  • What colors do I use most? 
  • What fabric is it made of?
  • What is the silhouette like? Tailored? Flowing?
As I tried to answer the questions above I realized that a few things kept re-appearing:

The clothing I tend to sew is definitely more often tailored and structured rather than flowing. You won't find many flounce and ruffles around here.

I would think my clothing could be described maybe as edgy and somewhat fashionable. I am not sure I would describe it as trendy. I don't think my kids are fashinionistas or hipsters- but I guess that is subjective! I would describe the clothing as comfortable, definitely not formal nor extremely sporty. Casually Stylish? 



As for color, it looks like I go for shades of black & grey mixed with pops of colors. Blue, green & mint seem to be a favorite. Weirdly enough you will hardly see any pink! 


Fabric... I like stripes, lots of stripes, some plaid too. 

and I like florals... lots of florals. 


Ultimately I like natural fibers wether knit or woven. However what I love most is to mix old and new... I love finding vintage fabric and mixing them in.

I also love the challenge of a good refashion and up-cycling old clothes into new ones.

I also love to play around with fabric and make them my own: potato stamp, stencils, dyeing.


And a little stretch never hurts!


I think what I like to do and challenge myself with is to mix and matching print, colors and textured. I am still trying to master that.

As for my choice of silhouette, ummmm that is a hard one! I really love the loose oversize look, however in crisp fabrics. I like the boxy shape too. I like things that grow with the kids from dress to tunic to top. I happen to like tailored items such as jackets and blazers, I love pleats and tucks, collars and such... I love it all, as long as it looks good! 

Ultimately, it's all about the little details, sometimes even the ones you cannot see. And as I aways say, everything in good taste!                              

So, I tried to come up with words that would best describe what I have created for the past years: 
playful, classic, comfortable, simple, interesting, unexpected, effortless, informal, unique, creative, hip, edgy, modern, cozy,  purposeful, vintage, colorful, practical, stylish, understated... So I guess I would call my style eclectic! 

I would like to specify, that most of the clothes my kids wear on a daily basis are hand-me-downs, so when I sew I try to make something a little special. Something I haven't seen before or maybe something I like but cannot afford. Needless to say I don't sew many basics, although a lot of what my kids wear are basics often paired with a special item. Maybe I should sew more basics, I always want to!

And finally, where do I get the inspiration? You might already know that I spend many hours on Pinterest collecting images of children's and woman's wear. I have a weak spot for all things Japanese, Scandinavian and European. I get the most inspired when I travel which I don't do nearly enough now that I have kids. I love people watching and could spend hours sitting at a busy street corner. Usually, I just go with my gut feelings and see where that takes me. I think style is an ever evolving process and I cannot wait to see where it takes me in the future.

SO what would you say my signature style is? Is there a term that describes my style I don't know about?