You probably know how much I LOVE Jess Brown Dolls, I've talked about them before and you probably know how much I LOVE Flora & Henri too- it's just the coolest little online store. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out about the "Flora" and "Henri" Jess Brown Dolls! Yup, pretty excited indeed. The dolls are wearing one of Flora & Henri signature piece, the nona drawstring sweater. So now your baby and doll can wear matching outfits! 

So for the entire month of February, anyone who shops at automatically receives an entry into the drawing for the inaugural pair of extraordinary ‘flora’ and ‘henri’ jess brown dolls. How fun is that? 
Check it out, Flora & Henri are having their biggest sale of the year and you can also get some of their classic styles or have a look a few pre-spring items have arrived! 

Happy Shopping and Good Luck! 

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