A couple months ago I had this idea of starting a magazine- not just any magazine, a fashion forward sewing magazine for kids. As soon as the idea popped in my head ( I was cooking), I dropped everything I was doing ( I am pretty sure I burnt my diner that night) and hopped on my computer to email Jessica- The sewing Rabbit to see if she wanted to go an adventure with me. I knew she would be my perfect partner in crime and it is with great pride that we present to you today STYLO

Now we couldn't have done this with out the contribution of some super amazing and talented bloggers, designers and photographers. I cannot believe how incredible all the photos and clothing turned out. Also a huge thanks to our all sponsors and pattern companies for making this a reality. 

So what can you expect? Some great photos, awesome styling, inspiration to get you sewing for your kids, lovely interviews and so much more...

SO what are you waiting for hop on over to the STYLO website and let us know what you think. 

And a little note, thank you for everyone who sent me emails for contributing- there many more issues to come and have kept all of your info. Thanks Again! and Happy Reading!!!!