I cannot believe we are in 2014! First, I would Like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 
I've been seeing many top 10 posts & review post in my feed from other bloggers and I thought it would be nice to do the same. Put in one post everything I did last year, well almost everything! Are you ready?

I wrote 161 posts last year and a number of guest posts too. What stood out for me, was how much sewing I did- I think 2013 was the year I sewed for my kids the most and I even sewed for me. So my round up is about all the sewing I did. Here is the thing, don't expect this much in 2014 though, I am not sure I would survive…. 

First up is a round up of all the blog tours & pattern reviews I did for all the indie designers. So basically these are patterns that were generously given to me in exchange of a review. 

I was also part of blog series- usually there is a theme to follow and you can pretty much do what you want. I always love getting inspired and creative with blog series. I think they are my favorite, that and pattern remixes. 

I also made a few tutorials, I have to say it helped I was part of The Sewing Rabbit Team. All my tutorials are HERE, just click on the titles and they will bring you to the webpage. 

And then I did what I like to call sewing for fun! So just things I made for my kids because I felt like it and wanted to. Many projects are from sewing along PRAP as well as KCW.

So that is a whole lot of sewing, don't you think? If you missed a post you can see them all HERE.

What's in store for 2014? A lot!
- More sewing series and pattern tours- but not as many however I am booked until april already. There will definitely be more sewing for me.

- More posts on Handmade Charlotte & Babyccino.

- I will be doing some more inspiration and design posts such as Color By Numbers, Mom & Me, Nice To Meet You, I heart, Coup de Coeur. I really want to do the 52 photo project and stick to it.

And then there are the other projects such as my Pdf pattern company In+Seam Patterns- come sign up to be the first to know about launch dates and all.

And the pattern Collective Willow & Co, you can sign up here too and follow along the blog.

And a big big project I've been working on for months…. ahhhhh but that you will have to wait for mid January, sorry!

So I pretty sure 2014 will be rocking and I hope you are ready to enjoy the ride. I need to thank all the pattern designers that trusted me and gave me chance to show off what I could do- Thank You! I need to thank Jess, Rachel & Courtney for making me part of their teams. I need to thank my husband for being patient and understanding and my kids for being my inspiration and cutest models. And I need to thank you- my readers- because it wouldn't be possible without you. Thank you!