Are you always on the look out for fun and different little gifts to put in loot bags for your kids birthdays? Are you tired of the same old candy and crappy dollar store finds your kids bring back from parties? I am. I was sooooo pleased when Victoria contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing her awesome little products: the coolest party favors you have ever seen by Cabbage & Fig! How I could I say no? Well, let me tell you I am not disappointed....

I received the package just in time for MisterM's birthday and had all the best intentions of giving my little party favors out, turns out we didn't do a big party and now I will just be giving these as little rewards for when my kids behave. I am kind of happy it turned out this way, I didn't really want to give them away anyways, actually I would keep them all for myself- I've been a good girl too! Oh and by the way if we had stockings these would make really great stocking stuffers too.

I just love the details that went into making these party bags, first the themes are so much fun, I got Frida with the cutest little notepad, Shoes with the most amazing little pouch, Hoot with some rad tattoos and Badge with some too cool badges- one more interesting than the next. I love the vintage cards that were added, the graphics are just amazing and you'll want to start collecting them all. The whistle is always fun- what's a party without noise? and little kewpie is seriously just toooo adorable. The presentation was great too, lot's of nice colors and lovely ribbons and stickers to keep it all contained.

For more ideas and great little finds you must check out the Cabbage & Fig online shopping site. Don't forget to like the facebook page, so you know what all the new items are.

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