Hey! I am not sure if you saw my post on the Sew Pony blog a couple weeks back, but I am sharing it here today. Just so you know this is what my kids will be wearing for Christmas Eve- we are having a make your own sushi party, as the request of Mister M, as well as make your own ice cream toppings party for dessert and guess who asked for that! Anybody want to come?

I will be back on the blog this week with a tutorial on how to make those ombre glitter shoes and the headband- just in time for New Years!!! Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!!


Hello! I'm Celina and I blog over at Petit a Petit and family where I talk mostly about kids fashion design and do some sewing for my kids from time to time. When Laura & Suz asked me to be  part of their series, I just couldn't refuse and I am truly excited to share what I made with you today. I happen to be jewish but I also happen to celebrate christmas- I guess it's a little complicated! I was brought up in a home where the jewish traditions and the protestant ones went hand in hand, with my mom being jewish and my dad being protestant we celebrated all the holidays. It was more of a traditional thing than a religious one. My husband is also jewish, so we do tend to do more of the jewish holidays, however christmas I never miss. We also happen to celebrate on the 24th- a late night diner with friends and family followed by the opening of gifts and a good time. The 25th is spent lounging around and doing nothing.  I have to say I love dressing up for christmas, so I decided to go all out for the kids this year and make them a little something special.

I grew up dancing and for me the holidays means it's time for the lovely ballet The Nutcracker. I dreamt of being part of the ballet, of being Clara or even one of the mice. Of course I dreamt of being the Sugar Plum fairy or the snow Queen too! One year my mom surprised me with tickets- I will always remember being mesmerized by the costumes, the set, the story and of course the ballerinas. I decided to get inspired by The Nutcracker and created an outfit for my little Sugar Plum Fairy and my nutty Nutcracker.

My kids had so much with this photoshoot and felt like putting on a show! I hope to be able to bring them to see the ballet one day too. 

Since I was on the eleventh day, I decide to make 11 items! I actually made 12 if you count the snowflakes made from pipe cleaners- since the pipers are piping!

Here you see the little bolero I made my daughter. It's the loveliest silk shantung with the tinniest little white sequins. It's a pattern I made myself and you can't really see but the vest is padded.

For the dress is used the Sally Dress pattern by Very Shannon- I just love that neckline. The dress is a little see through but I like the way it looks more like a ballerina dress. I do realize I might have to add a lining though. I also need to make a new leotard with a wider neckline to match the sally dress one perfectly.

I also topstitched a satin ribbon with the cutest polka dots to the waistline.

My daughter was over the moon to finally have a fairy/princess dress. It's the first I ever make her.

I also made the headband with some tulle and added a vintage brooch I had, to match the red ribbon on her dress. 

And of course, I couldn't have an outfit inspired by The Nutcracker without some mice! So I made a mouse bag. It isn't very little, but cute nevertheless! 

Lastly, I sewed on some ribbon to some knee high socks and made some ombre glitter shoes. 6 Items , from head to toe for my little Sugar Plum Fairy.

I couldn't leave out my son! and so I made him a Nutcracker outfit. 5 items head to toe.

Let's start with the hat, it's a pattern I created and have made time and time again. It's a super comfy sweatshirt material. I almost made a fur hat, but thought this would be more practical! 

Next is the jacket. I have been wanting to make one of these since the Stella McCartney Collection for Gap about ummm 6 years ago. It's a remix of the french pattern Pearl by Papillon & Mandarine . I used some stretch denim and a lot of gold cording. I just love the way it turned out.

 I also had a chance to make some Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads. Oh I will be making many many more of these, perfect fit and pretty simple to make to.
I also up-cycled some leather pants into these slipper booties. I need to work on my pattern a little more- but my Nutcracker need booties.

And finally, inspired by Laura's awesome t-shirt I made this one with some freezer paper and fabric paint which I applied on a t-shirt I already had.

The kids are super excited about their new christmas outfits. I love that we can break up the pieces and wear them on almost any given day. We might have to wear them on New Years too!

Wishing Everyone Some Very Merry and Happy Holidays!!! and an amazing year in 2014.