I am thrilled to be presenting to you today the Pattern Anthology's Winter Wonderland Collection. You can discover what I've sewn from the extensive collection of boy and girl patterns as well as learn a few style tips and how I go about to mix and match crazy fabric patterns and make it work! 

First let's talk about Pattern Anthology and the Winter Wonderland Collection! It's a large collection of PDF patterns, you can see them all here. There are both boy and girl styles, you can decide to buy them all or in separately in the boy or girl category. In 2 weeks time you will be able to buy these patterns in each designers individual shop at full price. 
I decided to make 4 of the items for Miss E.... check it out!

I made the Holly Trousers, The Bonnie top, the Berkshire Blazer and the Aviator Hat. I created a look with crazy fabric patterns that when you put them together still work. 

Now this is a look that Miss E would wear to a fun party or for some special occasion and I will show you how I made it work bellow. Right now let's see how we would wear each of these items on an everyday basis. 

What I love the most about dressing my kids, is mix and matching handmade with indie designers, vintage and more commercial brands. I think that to have lot's of style and fun with your wardrobe the key is to mix it all up! 

First up the Bonnie Top. I love the balloon sleeve and peter pan collar as well as the exposed zipper on the back. I used a fabric I found at the thrift shop, straight from seventies, the polka dot was also thrifted and is a soft navy blue with white dots cotton. I was attracted by the bold print and colors and I lined the top entirely as the fabric was on the itchy side. This top was pretty simple to make, the zipper was most probably the trickiest part. 

So to tone down the crazy print on the Bonnie Top, I paired with with some more neutral items and darker tones. For an everyday look I paired the Sweet Bonnie Top with some skinny jeans from Joe Fresh, a chunky short sleeves cardigan by Kico Kids, a bag by Zara and a beret by Le Carousel. 

The Holly Trousers are the quickest pants you will ever sew! They have a cute little pleat detail at the front and an option for a full elasticized waistband or an invisible zipper. I made mine a little long just so I could flip them up. I had some khaki fabric I have been hoarding for about 10 years now, it often comes in handy and love it. I added some gold polka dots with a gold sharpie to spruce it up and girlyfy a little. 

I paired the Holly Trousers with a delicate lace trimmed blouse from Melly Melo, layered it with a chunky knit by Scotch and Soda, added a little punch of color with the red moroccan bag and to complete the look I added one of favourite hats by Zara. I went with a softer and more neutral palette here too. I think the lace on the blouse softens the look and the red brightens up the outfit. Layering is key in our climate.

I also made the Berkshire Blazer. I love blazers for little girls, don't you? I made a few modifications to the pattern just to fit my daughters styles. I made a size 3 as I wanted it to be a fitted jacket, but kept the sleeves at a size 5 so we could roll them up. I also shortened the jacket to make it more girly. I added a traditional hem line. if you are looking for button holes, I haven"t had the heart to put mine in as they look so unprofessional and took them out 3 times. I think i will go and have them done professionally or keep practising before I put them in. My fabric was once a scarf! I had just enough, unfortunately I wasn't able to match my plaid everywhere, but did my best. I love this plaid it really has some awesome colors in it. 

I paired the blazer with as striped black and white top by C & C, some black pants by Talc, a vintage bag and our favourite thick knit pompom hat by Milk & Soda. I cannot tell you how may times this striped top has saved the day! It goes with everything. I just picked up the colors in the blazer and matched some items with it. 

No winter collection is complete without a good winter hat! I just love this little aviator style hat. At first I was going to add the pockets on the sides but when I told Miss E I was making her a pink hat she requested it should have a big pink bow on the back. How perfect, the Aviator hat came with a pattern for that too! MissE must be psychic!
I used a hot pink boiled wool I've had for ever and lined it with some faux fur I had in my stash as well. 

The aviator hat fits perfectly with MissE's winter coat and pompom scarf don't you think? I just love the colors khaki and pink, they work so well together. 

So there you have it, that is how we wear our Winter Wonderland Collection.

Now when we want to be wild and crazy and have a little fun, we like to mix and match our prints.

The key is to start with just one print and work your way to the others. I started with the Blazer, it had lot's of blue, some pops of yellow, pink and green. I then found my Bonnie top 70's fabric had some very similar colors with some kaki, turquoise and purple as well. The colors weren't a perfect match but in the right tones which is eve better. As I put my fabrics side by side they seem to work perfectly together. I then decided on the pant color, I figured to pull from the greens as it was an accent color in both my blazer and top. Since the yellow was only represented in the blazer, I added some gold to the pants. I din't want the pattern to be too bold on the pants and decided to do a small polka dot print. 

The key is to pull colors from your fabrics and play with accent colors, don't be afraid to play with the tones to make that perfect mix and match look. 

MissE was sick all week, but I still managed to get some last minute photos yesterday. It isn't looking much like winter whoever this greenhouse happens to be where we like to spend some time during our long canadian winter. It is a lovely greenhouse filled with magical and exotic plants. It is warm and bright and takes us into a dreamy place where it isn't covered in snow and cold. SO I thought it was fitting! It really is our favorite winter spot! 

So here is the Pattern Anthology Winter Collection in action...

The Bonnie Top.

The Holly Trousers.

and the cuffed hem for added style and so MissE can grow into them.

The Berkshire Blazer.

and polka dot details through out the outfit... it's even on the inside of the Holly Trousers.

The Aviator Hat.

Perfect for those cold cold days ahead.

So check the wonderful Winter Wonderland Collection HERE. And check out what all the other amazing bloggers are doing with their patterns, it will give you a great idea of how versatile these patterns really are, you can find the list here- there are 44 of us! You can find tips on taking sibling photos, more style tips and lots of awesome tutorials and remixes too. Wayyyy to much fun.