I just had to say yes when my friend Kelley from Casa Crafty asked me, along with a few other bloggy friends, if I would make something with a fat quarter of her lovely printed laminated fabric. First I have never sewn with laminates before and secondly I had no clue what a fat quarter was- so I definitely accepted the challenge.

I thought about what I would make while waiting for my fabric, maybe a cosmetic case or a little bag for MissE wet bathing suit. I also thought of making a ballet bag. However I still had no clue what a fat quarter was! Yeah I know I could have googled it, but that didn't occur to me until now. I was sooooo pleased when my package came in the mail for so many reasons. First this laminate stuff is really cool, secondly the print I chose is gorgeous and vibrant and fun. I then started thinking what I could make which needed to be water proof and I thought a rain hat, like my grand mother used to wear! Perfect! 

Since I recently did See Kate Sew's Aviator hat and the pattern was still just there starring at me I decided I would remix it a little. It's snows and gets pretty wet here in the winter, so i knew MissE would get plenty of use out of this hat. Perfect for snow, ice, rain storms. Yup, we get all of that here. 
If you are wondering about the photos I decided to do a little i-phonography experiment. I kinda totally like the IG feel. What do you think? 

I rounded the top of the pattern removing about 1cm and I added a visor. I had just enough with my fat quarter to cut everything out. It would have been easier had the print not been directional- but it all worked out quite well. I lined the hat with some faux fur and ended up being a little snug, nothing I can't fix. I am seriously in love with this laminate fabric. It is so easy to cut and sew. It's thick but not too stiff. And this whimsical Echino print is gorgeous, I love the colors and the animals in it. Best part MissE loves it too. I cannot wait to buy some laminate fabric and make all the other things I dreamt up now. 

I can't thank Kelley enough for sending me some of her awesome laminate fabric and introducing me to this new world. You must visit her Etsy shop Casa Crafty, she has a nice collection of laminates, fabric and other sweet things she makes herself. 
And all my readers get a discount for the entire month of November: get 25% off on all purchases with code PETIT25. How sweet is that?

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