Look who is next on the BIMAA sweater pattern tour? Yup ME!
This PDF pattern is created by the ever so lovely Sarah of Emmyloubeedoo. I've been a fan of Sarah's patterns for a little while, I kinda discovered her Doli tank top a little too late in the season but it has been on my list of things to buy and her Hosh pants look amazing too. So how could I say no to taking part in her tour for her latest pattern- The Bimma Sweater.

The Bimaa Sweater comes with many options such as a cowl neck, a shawl collar or a hood. I went with the hood. My kids will wear anything with a hood. Although, I really want to try all the options, but the hood was the logical thing to do. 

It's a 3 piece hood, so you can have fun playing with your fabric if you are using a print. It also goes up a little at the front, which is a super duper awesome feature, specially without the zipper.

The Bimaa is great little pattern for girls and boys... I cannot wait to make one MisterM- it's on my KCW list!

Of course, you should know this by now, I cannot seem to keep a pattern as it was intended, so I made a few modifications. With the cold weather coming our way, my children hardly ever wear sweaters- let me clarify! We are constantly putting on and taking off our sweaters- it's too hot inside and too cold out, so I always just put a zip-up or cardigan, something they can put on and off all by themselves. We do have a few sweaters, but they hardly get as much use as our zip-ups. So I knew I wanted to make MissE a Bimaa with a zipper. However, the only zipper I had in hand was this long one- so I figured why not make her a long vest like sweater. Honestly, I didn't realize how long it would be- a little too long if you ask me! She can wear it next year too...

While I was changing things up, a jacket without pockets is just not a jacket! Ha! SO I added 2 pockets on each side.

I used a thick knit I bought on sale this summer. I had seen it last winter and it was little expensive- so when I saw the price dropped I knew I had to have it! It is a lovely grey with navy, purple and teal accents. The best part is that it is like a flannel on the inside, oh so soft. Since the knit did not have much stretch I went up one size.

Don't you love mistakes? I do, I always end up making things wayyyy cooler once I screw up! Well, the Bimaa has this lovely tight fitting bodice, which is perfect for a sweater and foolish me I just extended the pattern straight down to make my jacket. Ummmm, nope that diddn't work!!! I forgot MissE has a little bum and didn't account for it when I modified the pattern and cut my fabric. At this point I had sewn pretty much everything put the zipper and hem. So I inserted an extra triangular piece of fabric on the back and re cut my hem piece to fit. I just love the final result and how the stripe from the hood fits perfectly with the stripe on the back.

The Pdf pattern is really lovely, clearly written, easy to follow and beautifully presented. I would recommend it to anyone, even a beginner. I particularly love the fit and cool options that come with it. It is a really awesome little basic, but has the potential of making it your own, which always good in my book. 

Now it hasn't been the best weather to take photos the last couple weeks- with lots of rain... but the sun did shine for about a half hour last sunday, just before the sunset. So the kids and I put on our rain boots in the hopes to find some puddles. I had this vision of a fun photo shoot jumping in puddles and having loads of fun! 

 Look we found ONE and only one... and had all the fun we could! Wes till managed to get wet and dirty.

Be sure to check out Emmyloubeedou's shop to see all the awesome patterns and pass by the blog for a whole lot of inspiration...
And have a look, so many amazing Bimaa sweaters have been sewn up my some amazingly talented ladies... If I haven't convinced you, I am sure they will!