I am next on the Sally Dress pattern tour and couldn't be more thrilled. When the lovely Shannon of Luvinthemommyhood and Very Shannon, asked me if I wanted to take part- how could I refuse. How could I pass up the great opportunity to sew up such a cute little dress. Of course I had no idea what my version was going to look like until a couple of days ago, but still I loved the vintage style with the high waist, gathered skirt, the wide pockets and that neckline. Oh that neckline! 

 When Miss E saw this dress, she had no problem trying it on. And lucky me, she could keep it on because the fit was just perfect! According to her measurements I should have probably sewed a size 3 even 2, but I knew I wanted the dress to be less fitted and a little more boxy- so I went with a size 4. I am so glad I did. I think I could have maybe even done a size 5 in the chest and kept the 4 at the shoulders, but I was in no mood to fiddle with the pattern too much. In the end it's a perfect fit.

I added a little faux collar- I am just slightly obsessed with them these days and I also wanted to add a little pop of color to my dress.  As small as that detail is, it makes all the difference and brightens up the dress. I am also obsessed with the striped and floral combo. You might have noticed from my KCW post! Really, all I wanted was to accentuate the neckline even further.

I used a thick knit jersey for the stripes, which I bought at my local fabric store recently and might just have to get some more. Even though I used a knit, it acted as a woven since the lining is a 100% cotton and therefore didn't have to alter the pattern. The collar is some fabric I had thrifted a long time ago. And the grey chambray was a maternity dress of mine. It took my hole dress to make MissE's! I had just enough to piece the pockets together. I also used the existing hem of the original dress, so I just topstitched my pockets onto the dress and not as part of the hem- a feature I really like on the Sally Dress. Next time. 

Lets talk neckline.... simply perfect. Such a sweet detail that square neckline. It really is what makes this dress truly unique. I love how my stripes meet up and really show off this fun little feature. 

About the pattern...
The Pdf pattern was 2 pages to print, it was one of those easy to follow with clear instructions which made the sewing smooth and quick.  This dress would be great for a beginner- no zippers or button to sew. The bodice is fully lined but very easy put together. And the results are darling. 

I loved that the pattern had sleeves, I did the 3/4 version. I wish I had matched my stripes better! I might redo them- it's driving me crazy.

What is great about the pattern is that you play with your fabric, make it in one print or color, play mix and match. Make the pockets stand out. No sleeve? No problem. Shorten it to make a tunic or even a top- perfect! Gather the skirt even more- yes you can. The possibilities are endless. I am already working on a second dress... You will have to wait for the December, sorry! 

The pattern is available on the Very Shannon online shop, while you are there you might want to check out the other sweetheart dress that is to die for and if you knit, you'll be in heaven. Check out Shannon's blog too Luvinthemommyhood, it's an endless source of inspiration. 

And I am last on the pattern tour, you might want to check out what everyone else has been doing and see for yourself how wonderful this pattern truly is... I don't think I saw a dress I didn't like. 

sally dress pattern tour on luvinthemommyhood.com

Thank you Shannon for providing me with this great little pattern, my daughter is the happiest girl in the world!
Happy Sewing!