Woohoo! KCW- kids clothes week has started and I should really be doing lots of other things, but how can I resist the temptation of sewing for my kids while the blogging community is sewing for theirs? I just love the the hype and the energy that goes on during KCW and I just couldn't resist... Yesterday, I did a little research for an upcoming sewing project and today I finally sewed up the rest of my Mad for Plaid outfit. The bits and pieces that go under the coat and what should have completed the mad plaid look. 

SO I am totally not going according to what I planned, in case you read my guest post on the KCW blog. Instead I decided to make things that have been sitting in a pile first. Everything for this outfit was already cut and the pants were practically done.

Lets start with the top. You might recognize the fabric from my Sally Dress, well the fabric was bought for this top originally. It's a medium weight knit with a little stretch in it and I LOVE it! I just might get some more...

The pattern is self drafted and inspired by a sweater I own. I wanted it to be boxy and something MissE could wear with leggings. The sleeves are definitely a little long, but since they are cuffed I had no problem turning them up. I added a zipper at the back which can be open or closed making the fit tighter. I am just loving the wide neckline...

The lace is vintage, something my mom has had forever and has used and still uses as curtains. Underneath is an old plaid shirt which I had thrifted for my husband when we first started dating! I wanted to look as though MissE was wearing a shirt under her sweater. 

This is the best shot I could get of the sides... sometimes photo-shoots don't always turn out as you would like them! And with winter coming that means shorter days, less sunlight and our apartment is really not the best lit. Forget about going outside, unless I sew a snowsuit... that ain't happening.

I do like how the light ended up working in some shots...

As for the pants, they are a modified Banyan pant by Figgy's. I made them high waisted and with just one pleat. I added a belt as well and they will be great with a tucked in shirt. I forgot to take detail shots, I guess I'll just have to show them again then! They are slightly long on MissE, which is causing them to bunch up... but I cannot seem to be able to sew things without having the kids grow into them. I LOVE love love this fabric. It has a little stretch in it for extra comfort. Hmmm how cute would a blazer be in it! I hope they still have some at my local fabric store. 

So are you joining in the fun? Leave a link in the comments, I would love to check out what you've been up to!!! Tomorrow, I am sewing something I've had cut since january! I hope it still fits! Wish me luck.