KCW came and went. I have to say this time around was the season I made the least things for KCW. Maybe because I made a few things before or perhaps because I've been sewing for my kids like crazy the last few months... They honestly do not need any more clothing, but that won't stop me from sewing for them some more! So, I made A sweater shirt &pants the first few days, I started a few projects which I have yet to show you, did some research for some upcoming projects, I made a mermaid costume and tutorial and I sewed these Little Black Pants. All in all, not so bad. 

These pants are actually part of MissE's Halloween costume, but you will have to wait before I reveal that! I love that she will actually be able to wear them everyday... 

They are from one of my many Japanese Sewing Books for kids. I just love the fit and cut. They are baggy and big at the waist, MisseE can stick her hands in there- that is just how loose they are. They hold up with some suspenders which I already had and didn't have to sew.

You can find the book here for purchase and read this lovely review here, the book is called おしゃれが好きな女の子の服 in case you want to google it, which apparently means Fashionable Girls clothes. If you are interested in knowing more about Japanese Books, then I strongly suggest you have a look around the Japanese Sewing Books blog- it is wonderful.

I used a black canvas fabric from Organic Cotton Plus. It has a lovely weight and feel to it. 

I just love the detail on the back, from the waistband to the tie- such cute and unique details. 

There you have it! My little black pants. The lovely thing about this book is how everything is not so girly and frilly and is very unisex. I really cannot wait to make more things. I just need more time...

 How was you week of KCW?