How was everyones weekend? I have to say mine was the most relaxing in a long time! Last week was so crazy- I had something like 9 posts published here and there! Craziness, I know. If you missed them I'll be back this week with all the links- too many and good ones share. Or you could just check out my FB page for all the info!

However, today I want to share with you a couple things, but all in all they are related. Actually, I'm part of this group we like to call the Creative Mamas- we are a bunch of awesome moms that like to make things, cook, draw, sew, craft, just being creative in our daily lives. Oh and we happen to have blogs and various social media accounts. 
You can find most of what we do on our Pinterest Board Mamas...Making- totally worth following. We even have a lovely flipboard magazine created by the wonderful Stacy. Have you tried flipboard yet?  It's a way of reading blogs, Facebook, Instagram all in one place with a magazine like format. You'll love it.
Now, what we would really like is to spread the love and we would love to discover other creative moms out there, so we've created a hashtag for everyone to use. So are you a creative mom? Perhaps you like to make up stories or throw dance parties. Maybe you like to cut your veggies into crazy shapes or like me you like to sew. Whatever it is, we want to see it and we would love to welcome you to our little group of #creativemamas. Best part, you can use the hashtag on all your different social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterst. 
Woohoo, let's have fun!   

By the way if you are wondering what all the other #creativemamas are using you can check it all out HERE!

Oh and how awesome is that tree graphic? It's was created my creative mama Michelle from MollyMoo