Today I am sharing some Halloween costume Inspiration as part of this fun little series: Handmade Halloween. When Palak asked me to join in the fun I just could't refuse! Halloween is one of the first memories I have of moving to Canada, some 32 years ago and after that first round of trick or treating I was hooked! And it wasn't for the candy- I used to store that away and it took me a year to eat it. It was definitely for dressing up.

Really, any excuse to dress up is a good one in my books. So it's no wonder I love Halloween so much.  I get such a quick making my kids costumes, they always have the best souvenirs and are super proud of what we've accomplished. It helps that they won the neighbourhoods 1 & 2 place 2 years ago. And last year they were big enough to realize what was going on a little better. You can see photos of partly cloudy and the shuffle bot here from 2 years ago and of Elvis and his Flamingo here for last year. 
***Note to myself: finish your costumes at least the night before so you can take some decent photos to blog about!

We talk about what we are going to wear all year long, I think they love it to because they are always are involved in the process. I usually ask the kids what they want to dress up as. I do give some guidelines and usually we'll do a little google research too. I absolutely love to look at old vintage photos for inspiration- you might remember my circus costume and so I thought of sharing some of my favourites. 

How cute is that bubble bee costume up top? Now this is a dress your daughter can wear again- are they pleats or gathers? And the wings? Oh! Ever so delicate. For more Vinatge Geisha photos check this site out.

Miss E is crazy for horses. What a great idea this is horse costume! It looks totally crazy on her, but imagine on a cute little kid.  Don't be surprised if you see me try to make something similar!

How funny is this airplane costume? With a little imagination, this could be a great Halloween costume for little boys and girls. For more crazy costumes you have to check this post!

Oh! I just love the collar and sparkle in this Harlequin costume, it is so glamourous. Don't forget the pompoms on the shoes. Photos of Claudette Colbert.

This is one of my all time favourites costumes. This Giraffe I'll have to try one day. You should check out all of Charles Eames Toys, they are phenomenal. 

Those wings are spectacular. Miss E almost went as a swan last year, but instead she went as a flamingo. I wish I had seen this bird costume before. 

If I show this to Mister M, I think he might just change his mind. These astronauts are too stinkin' cute and so are all the images on this blog.  

I love the simplicity of this star costume. I wish I had the source of the image- let me know if you know where it's from.

Here is another bird/ swan costume. There is a little swan lake ballerina vibe going, as well as an Alexander McQueen one. What little girl would't love this? I found this via Tumblr, but cannot find the original source- it's very hard with vintage images sometimes. 

How about dressing up as a majorette? I would make this jacket wearable all year round. Maybe the whole family could go as a Marching Band? 

I'll be posting many more Halloween ideas over the month so be sure to pop in once in a while. I have these posts from last year which are still fun and full of inspiration: In Need For Some Inspiration & The Iconics.

And the lovely ladies organizing this series, Palak & Heather, have put together an awesome Giveaway with lot's of fun prizes- read all about it HERE. And you can enter right here on the blog if you wish.

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