Mister M started Kindergarten this year and he was soooooooo excited. He made the transition for ME ever so easy! His lunch box was ready months before and he kept telling everyone how he was going to be able to read and write now. It has been a month now and so far so good. He has so many new friends and has been living fun and new experiences. I sometimes worry about the day he tells me he doesn't want to go to school. But really what am I worrying about, he was the kid at daycare that cried when I picked him up and made me wait until he had finished building his rocket ship or drawing his car. What I should be worried about is how fast he will want to leave the house when he is old enough!

I was really exited when Mie from Sewing Like Mad asked me to be a part of her Sewing for Kindergarten series. Funny thing is we have become good friends since she asked me, so I am even more excited now! I really wasn't entirely sure what I was going to sew, all I knew is that this was Mister M's last year in regular clothes as he will be wearing a uniform next year. I looked in his closet and realized I have sewn quite a few things for him this year but he was still missing a few key pieces.

So today I give you 5 handmade outfits for 5 days of kindergarten. 
Why only 5? Well he goes to kindergarten from Monday to Friday and truthfully on the weekends we sometimes like to stay in our pj's... all day! I'll have an other post on that for you this week!!!

Monday is gym day! 
So as much as I don't like sweatpants- you can read all about it here, super cool sweat pants are good in my book! Paired with an up-cycled polo shirt and drivers cap- sounds good to me!

This outfit was sewn just for this series. I used the Figgy's Banyan pant pattern which I got in the last Sew Fab Pattern Sale ( the new one starts this week!). I made Mister M a size 4/5, narrowed the leg to a size 2/3 and lengthened it to a size 8 to get just the right fit for my tall and skinny boy. I used a really nice sweatshirt material I found at my local fabric store, it's has these little black printed speckles and makes it look like a herringbone pattern. 

The polo shirt I got my husband when we first started dating, ahem over 10 years ago. It was always a little too small, I just love the color combinations so much, so I shrank it to fit Mister M. You can see in the photos where on the collar I took it in and than topstitched the extra fabric down. 

The drivers cap is an old thrift find of mine which I shrank to fit Mister M a little while ago for a Project Run & Play sew along- you can see and read more about it here

Tuesday... it's computer day! 
You have got to look your best on computer, no? 

Mister M loves to dress like a prince. Yes he is going through a Prince phase. Don't your princes wear tuxedo pants and a blazer? Well they do in our house! I made these pants as part of the PR&P boy challenge last spring and the Mister Loves these so much. Today I told him to wear some comfy pants to go to the park and he chose these- true story! 

I also realized Mister M needed some new hoodies and zip-ups. So I decided, why make my life simple when I can make it complicated and came up with the idea of making him a blazer with an intergraded hoodie. I based myself on a H+M blazer Mister M had and added the hoodie. Everything is made from sweatshirt material. The black I had in my stash, the grey is an old sweatshirt- I up-cycled and used the rib hem and cuffs. The hood is lined with a striped jersey I've had forever. 
I drafted this whole outfit from scratch. 
It might me a little tooo coool for school- we are just having a little fun for the photo-shoot! I am not sure he will wear this as is to school, most definitely at birthday party or for a fun event. 


Wednesday is just another day...
There is nothing like wearing your favourite jeans on an ordinary day.

We were handed down these Gap 1969 jeans when Mister M was 3 years old. He has worn them every week since- 2.5 years later he has finally put some holes in the knees and they were a little on the short side. After seeing these cool jeans on Pinterest, I knew I had found a solution to my problem! Farrah on The Sewing Rabbit also gives a great tutorial on how to do something very similar and give your kids jeans a longer life. 

The Recess Raglan Tee, I sewed up for the Alphabet Collection. That whole outfit is for kindergarten too. 

And the cardigan I made for the PR&P sew along last spring. Since I usually have the tendency of making things for kids a little big, they tend to fit longer. Just the way I like it! 

Guess what? Thursday is Gym Day again!
We like to call this our ninja outfit...

Lets go  from head to toe!
The cap is made from an up-cycled sweatshirt- I used to sell these when I had my little clothing company Laila B. I have made quite a few over the years! I am thinking of digitizing the pattern and selling it...
The raglan tee was going to be for the Alphabet Collection, but the black and the striped made the outfit too 80's goth and it really wasn't what I was going for. So it stayed unfinished until now.

The sweatpants... what can I say,  I want a pair! It's loosely based on the banyan pant made on Monday, I lowered the crotch, narrowed the leg took away the pleats and zipper, widened the waistband, added the side panels and the back color block detail. I basically kept the pockets.
I think Mister M is ready to kick some ninja butt!

I don't care if Monday's blue

Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too

Thursday I don't care about you

It's Friday, I'm in love
( the Cure)

Yay! it's friday!!! Mister M finishes school at 2:30 on fridays, so I get to pick him up and we spend some alone time together until it's time to pick up Miss E from daycare around 4pm. I look forward to it all week- Friday I'm in love!!!

In this outfit everything has been up-cycled. The same thing happened to these grey jeans as did to the blue ones up top, so I decided to do the same thing. I think I made the black panel a little toooo long. Oh well these will fit until he is 10! The jeans came with the gingham cuff already- how cute!
The sweatshirt I made last fall for KCW, you can see more details here.

Speaking of KCW- you are maybe thinking what on earth do I have left to sew? Funnily enough, I am guest posting on the KCW blog today and precisely talking about my plans for this October- come on over and say hello!

One last thing, these outfit are never complete without the back pack (find the tutorial here) I made him for his first day at kindergarten. It's the one item he wears every day!

So there you have it. The great thing is that everything can pretty much be mix and matched, making the possibilities endless. What have you sewn for your kindergartener? Or perhaps you buy all new clothes? Do you have a special thing you do for back to school? Cut hair maybe! or buy new shoes?

You can add what you've been sewing to the flickr group wether your child is in daycare or high school. You can use the hashtag #sewingforkindergarten.
Also don't forget to check Sewing Like Mad to see what everyone else has been doing in the series... lot's to get inspired by that's for sure!
See you here next year when Miss E start Kindergarten too!