It is my turn on the TUMBLE TEE blog tour. Yay! 



Imagine Gnats

has released her second

Pdf Pattern

for a

basic T-shirt

and it doesn't disappoint. As you might have noticed, I can't seem to resist a good pattern remix- Dj Celina is in the house!!! I present to you: The 2 Way Up Cycled Sweatshirt Tumble Tee Cardigan Dress. Now how is that for a title!!!

In all it's simplicity the

Tumble Tee pattern

has lots of fun different variations you can do- colour block, tee or dress, one colour, 2, 3, 4! The pattern is simple and the sewing instructions clear. A really quick, specially there are no sleeves!  However, with fall fast approaching- the leaves are already starting to change colours here, I didn't think Miss E would get much use for a short sleeve t-shirt. So it got me thinking... and the sweatshirt idea came to mind and then evolved into a dress or cardigan. 

So you can wear the piece in both direction- reversible?! With the zipper in the back, you have a comfy dress and with the exposed zipper at the front it becomes a fun cardigan perfect for layering. It can get really cold up here and we can never have enough layering pieces in our wardrobes. 

So I thought it would be fun to guide you in case you wanted to make your own Tumble Tee Cardigan Dress. First buy your pattern


. Once you've printed and pieced your pattern pieces together- which was so easy to do! Grab the 2 pattern pieces needed to make the Dress with the colour block bottom. I choose my size for Miss E according to the provided measurements- this is a loose fitting tee so don't be afraid to go smaller. I used a size 3. 

1. with the top pattern pieces, I cut off  8 cm in the length- straight across. I sort compared to a top Miss E had to gage how short I wanted the waistline to fall. Cut 2 pieces.

2. with the bottom I added 8cm. Cut 2 pieces.  

3. I put my pattern pieces from step 1 on a fold and cut 1.

4. I took my pattern piece from step 2 and cut that on a fold. 

5. I cut 2 rectangles to create sleeves, which I attached to my armhole. I din

I gathered my bottom and sewed it to the bodice ( i didn't want to overlock the edge so I added a nice bias trim to cover it), added an exposed zipper and Voila!

Oh but wait! My old sweatshirt was looking kinda blah. So before I sewed my pieces together I spruced it up with some EASY 2 minute potato stamping technique. The possibilities are endless...

Miss E choose the bird cookie cutter we had. It is really nice to get the kids involved with the design, I try my best to that. They end up loving those pieces so much more...

Are you ready: 

1. cut your potato in 2.

2. grab your cookie cutter, press it down in the middle of your potato. Take a sharp knife and cut all around.

3. Remove the cookie cutter and excess potato.

4. Dab some paint on your stamp and test on paper or a scrap of fabric! You might have to trim your potato to make your stamp nice and flat. If you are printing on fabric chance you can get away with some imperfections. 

5. Stamp away, adding a little paint between each stamp. Let dry and Iron.

Easy as 1... 2... 3!!!

I am not sure my fabric looks like a bird print, but it is pretty cool anyhow. Most importantly Miss E loves it.

I suggest printing before you sew, only because it makes it look more professional. However, you can do this on any clothing you have! If the material is fine, I suggest putting a piece of paper between your fabric layers to pretend leakage to the other side. I have done this many many times.

I just love the zipper I found at my local fabric shop, it has a herringbone tape. There was no way I was hiding that!

And now flip the dress around and you have a cardigan or as we like to call them around here a zippy-up.

Here you can slightly see the bias tape I applied at my waistline seam. It adds a pop of colour and looks prettier when the zip-up is open. 

Wear it open or close...

Dress it up or down... Yay!

If you are wondering, the polka dot t-shirt is from Joe Fresh, The skinny jeans are from Joe's jeans, The shoes are Pumas and The scarf is a vintage Vera.

Now you've seen my pattern remix, but if you want to see how versatile this pattern really is, check out what everyone else on the tour has been doing. And don't forget the pattern is available for purchase in the

Imagine Gnats webshop

This is a great little project for beginners- just saying to all my non-sewing readers!!!