I am not sure if you know this, but cooking and I don't go hand in hand! I don't particularly enjoy it and actually have very little imagination when it comes to making meals! And so grocery shopping happens to fall in the same category- except that at our grocery store we have a clothing section where they sell JOE FRESH, and well it makes grocery shopping for me wayyyy more fun!!!
Joe Fresh is a Canadian company that makes some really cute, fashionable kids clothes and for the whole family actually, at a really reasonable price. Until now the Kids collection was only available in Canada and a few select store across the U.S. Here is the good news, you can now get  Joe Fresh at JCPenney and what's even better is that they ship world wide.
 As much as I love the little indie designers I usually talk about, I can't always afford to buy my kid's entire wardrobe with those designs. So, I love to balance out their wardrobes with my handmade clothes and some less expensive brands. And Joe Fresh really is my favorite! They do a great job at designing those must have fashionista items as well as creating those perfect basics, their selection of dressy items is quite lovely too. They do a great job at finding great prints for their fabrics. My little MissE lives in their jeggings and tunic tops. I can never go grocery shopping without buying her a little something. Sometimes it's just a cute accessory. It's a good thing my husband does most of our food shopping or we would have more clothes than food if it was left only to me!!!

The boys is stuff is great too. A little fashionable but not outrageous, just perfect. They always have a great selections of colors for their pants, tees and sweatshirts. They always have awesome shirts and sweaters. A little something casual and chic as well.  I buy Mister M a lot of shoes there too!
I think Joe Fresh offers a great selection of items perfect for school, the kind of clothes you aren't worried about if it gets played in and all the while look stylish too! And how awesome is it that it is available through JCPenney now? I love that!
I'm so excited for all of you! Happy back to school shopping!!!