Yesterday was Mister M's first day of Kindergarten! I was way more nervous than he was. He has been ready for months, totally ok with the idea of making new friends and ready to learn how to read & write. So what was I nervous about?

I thought it would be nice and fun and kind of cool if I made him his backpack for his big day! So,  I did and I made a little tutorial for you to make your own too...  Of course, I couldn't make Mister M one without having one for Miss E- you can find her tutorial over at the

Sewing Rabbit

. They are both very similar with a few difference. First, Miss E's is a little smaller and her handles are too!

Both have a rectangular shape with a front pocket- there is lots of room for making it your own. Just play around with your colours and fabric choices to make it truly unique. Go crazy or keep it simple!

So are you ready to get started? Here is a little video for your step by step tutorial. Press pause to take notes, rewind if you missed something or play on a loop if you love that song!!! 

I used some "outdoors" Nylon type fabric. It is light weight, durable and water resistant. The black fabric is Nylon Cordura which is a little thicker and a lot harder to sew with.  You could use any type of fabric really and if you need to stiffen it, you could just double your fabric or interface it.

You can change up your straps, replace the plastic adjusters with d-rings. Have fun with it! Also, you could pad the straps if you wanted. Add some inside pockets... I could go on on. This is really a base for you to add and make it your own.

Mister  M was super excited about his new backpack. Really? He was but not as much as his new school!

Miss E loves her too! Although she doesn't change classes until next week.

What a great way to start the new school year! What have you planned for your kids? A new haircut, new shoes? I'd love to hear!