We woke up nice and early to get a head start, destination: New York City. With almost 600 km to do, we figured it would take us about 7.5 hours to get there and that was including a few breaks here and there to keep the kids happy, luckily our kids were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and we made it in 6.5 hours! How you ask?! Maybe it was the excitement, maybe it was the little games we played or perhaps it was the Gravol ( Mister M gets very car sick) that knocked them out for a little while! We definitely had a little luck on our side.

Our hotel was right by Union Square, so naturally our first stop was there. It was soooo hot, the kids would have loved to play in the water as were all the other kids, instead we found some shady areas and stared at the skyscrapers surrounding us.

 We walked around. I had to stop by ABC Carpet & Home, they have the best selection ever. All my favourite indie designers all in one place! We kept walking, showed the kids the Flat Iron and then discovered some awesome little flea markets- an outdoors one and one hidden away in a car park.

We finally hopped in a yellow cab and made it to central park for a lovely visit with my favourite New Yorkers, my cousin and her sweet family. She had planned for a picnic in the park, we couldn't have been happier!

DAY 2...

We are headed for the Bronx. I don't know, but playing in the gushing water of a fire hydrant on a hot day does't get any more New York than that! The kids were so happy to find one all to themselves, it was only 10:30 after all and 100 degrees already! 

The Bronx Zoo was what we had planned...

A few of the animals were hiding in the shade an no where to be seen, but we got to see plenty: seals, giraffes, zebras, a polar bear, some rhinos, lots of birds and the list goes on... I highly recommend taking the Uni-rail tour, you get driven around and see some beautiful animals nice and close, all the while taking a break from walking.

We were back in Manhattan at about 3pm, ready to explore the big city. Walking down 14 st to 6th avenue, all the way into Soho, back onto Braodway, up to Astors Place, then onto St-Marks and all the way back to Union Square. We shopped. We ate some fresh mango. We watched some basketball and handball. We pushed the Cube. Miss E slowed us down with her monkeying on the scaffoldings ( during the entire trip!). We finally made it "home, way past our bedtime.

DAY 3...

The kids and I spent most of the day with my friend Marie-Laure and her daughter Louise. We started off feeding the ducks in Central Park while we waited for the Victorians Amusement park to open. The kids got to know each other and were besties in no time. 

Finally the doors opened up and the kids were thrilled. It was Miss E's and Mister M's first time in an amusement park and this was just perfect for their age group- they could pretty much do every ride. Since we were the first ones there, we had no line ups and the place to ourselves- awesome!!! 

Oh! but that wasn't enough, we made our way to the Central Park Zoo. We got to see some more seals, a polar bear, beautiful birds as well as jump on a spider web and feed some animals.

We met up with DaddY (who had spent the day at the Metropolitan Museum) and said our goodbyes to Marie-Laure and Louise, but not before we had our ice cream!

Next stop: F-A-O Schwarz. The kids could not believe their eyes. Before this trip my kids though that the flea market and thrift store we go here in Montreal was the best toy store ever! No I never brought them to Toy R Us, so you can just imagine. They could each choose 1 toy- Yay! Did you see that bag? It's bigger than Mister M- I think it's the only size they have.

After all that craziness we walked down 5th avenue, checked the Rockefeller Centre and the Lego store of course. Walked all the way to Bryant Park, had a go at the Carrousel and spent some time in my favourite Book Store Kinokuniya. We ended up walking to Time Square, where we met and hugged the real Spider Man, Hello Kitty and Elmo's dad ( he was to big to be Elmo). 

DAY 4...

The kids loved taking the metro...

all the way to the Staten Island Ferry. We stood outside on the way there and saw the Statue of Liberty pass by. We sat indoor on the way back.  Did you know the ferry is free! The view was breathtaking, it was well worth it.

We hopped back onto the metro and stopped into China Town, walked through Little Italy and Nolita, back onto Broadway. Did some shopping. The All Saints Store is just beautiful with all the vintage sewing machines, old shoe and hat moulds and the clothing was really nice too. We had lunch in a fancy hipster little Cafe: Cafe Select. I managed to swing by Sweet William. 

We walked down Bleecker street into the Greenwich Village... did some window shopping. That sweet red Bonpoint dress was made of paper- too cute.  

We finally made our way to the Meat Packing district and met up with my childhood friend Nassim and his girlfriend at the High Line Park. Strolled along the way... and ended the evening in a lovely Thai restaurant. 

It was 3 and half days of fun, fun, fun. The kids were so well behaved despite the heat and all the activities. I can't believe how much we covered in so little time with two kids and only one stroller. I'm sure we will be back soon. 

Stay tuned for part II tomorrow...