I've been wanting to talk about ADRI ever since Miss E got a pair of pyjamas this spring and absolutely adores them. I've loved the brand for a while- you can see a post I wrote over 2 years ago here, but now that I've touched, washed and seen them in action, I love them even more.

I love how it all got started:
"Once upon a time there were three sisters. The youngest sister loved to color. One day, tired of sketching in her books, she had the visionary idea of drawing on... her underwear! Why? Because "it's not funny when there is nothing on it!" This is indeed true, and the restyled panties were beautiful! The drama was that all the drawings washed away in the laundry... To console their younger sister, Camille and Emmane began to create a line of underwear with their younger, funny, fantasy filled, sassy sister in mind. In fact, the girl's name is Adrienne, but everyone called her Adri!"

The collection soon grew from underwear to a full collection. I love that they are 100% certified organic cotton, made from unbleached jersey knit and silkscreened with vegetable based, non toxic inks. Did you know that there are less risk of allergies for sensitive skin when wearing organic cotton- perfect for my little Miss E who suffers from eczema. And if that isn't enough, the quality is really phenomenal, no matter how many times they've been worn & washed- they look and feel like new. What's more impressive is that the image hasn't budged.

Now for the fun part, look how great the illustrations are... super heroes and knights, fun times on vacation and your favorite food, robots and cowboys- everything kids dream of. Miss E has beautiful diamonds and jewels on hers and feels like a princess. Most of the text is in French which is a great way to teach your kids a new language. If you need help with translating, I'll gladly help- you know French is my mother tongue, right?

There are lot's of different styles to discover, from pyjamas to t-shirts and underwear. You can see the entire collection on the brand new ADRI online shop.

This is a sponsored post- all opinions are 100% my own, in exchange I get to choose one pj, the question is what to get- the robot? the knight? the superhero?
Which is your favorite?