Hello! I am taking a little vacation and while I'm away I thought it would be nice for you to meet some of my favorite people and friends from around the web! This year I've met so many new and wonderful ladies through the Internet and I have really made some true friends. I knew I would be away for a couple of weeks and thought it would be fun for some of these friends to come and share a little something with you.

My first guest is


, she blogs over at

Imagine Gnats

, she is a super talented mom with two super cute and funny girls- they always put a smile on my face. You might remember my

Roly Poly Pinafiore,

that is one of her

Pdf patterns

and I'll be showing you my version of the

Tumble Tee

next month! Rachael has recently decided to follow her dream, I wish I had an ounce of her guts and determination.... Oh and I could add productivity, I'm not sure how she does it all- I'm thinking super powers!!!


first, a big thank you to Celina for inviting me to be here today! after reading her recent post,

Do What You Love

, i felt inspired to share a few thoughts... on happiness, dreams, and about how terrifying it all is sometimes.

a couple months ago, i made the decision to leave my "real" job. you know, the one that involved a paycheck and leaving the house. in addition to getting to spend more time with

my lovely family

, i have been able to devote time and focus to my little corner of the internet,

imagine gnats


some really amazing things have happened. i have designed, drafted, and brought to market some

patterns that i am incredibly proud of

. i have sketched out and toiled through constructing many garments that i hope will become patterns as well. i have been offered some really amazing opportunities to share my love of making with others, and i am so grateful and happy and in love with the life i am fortunate enough to lead.

i am sew very happy by imagine gnats

you would think that it's sunshine and rainbows and unicorns 24/7, right? except that life isn't quite that easy. and who wants easy anyway? it's probably boring... don't you think? (please say yes!)

what happens really is that lots of little things sneak inside of your head and your day and interrupt that fantasy of creativity being fabulous and lovely and always successful.

sometimes you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you've been dreaming about html (true story), or you stare at a blank sketch-book page, suddenly convinced that you'll never think of another idea ever again. never. ever.

and then you realize that you're downright scared. you worry that you were just wrong; that this was a very bad plan.

i am sew very terrified by imagine gnats

last week, even as i was thinking about all of the things that doing what i love means to me, i got scared. i worried out loud to my husband (and biggest supporter) that maybe loving what i'm doing isn't enough. he told me, "you need to be doing what you're doing. if you don't it will literally be you giving up on your dream."

and he's right... but here's the thing about dreams: they're hard to make come true. it's a process that is often happy, sometimes scary, but most times, it's a whole bunch of both. it will take all of the love you have to make it through, and it will be worth every single bit in the end.

so get out there, do what you love, be terrified, and enjoy every minute of it!

download your own high res printable versions of the

graphics in this post here


xo, rachael