Mister M has been asking me to make Frigolos, so I finally asked him what they were and right there and then he told me step by step what needed to be done to make a strawberry lemonade popsicle. My second question was, where did he get the idea from and he answered from his favourite T.V. show called Toc Toc Toc. From watching that one episode he remembered every step and ingredient and I thought it would be fun to share it with you.

Every weekend we go to our fresh produce market for breakfast. Mister M insisted we buy strawberries, guess what he wanted to make? Popsicles of course! Strawberries are in season and look how bright red and delicious they are. The Quebec strawberries are small in shape and so yummy.

And so we had the first ingredient on our list to make our Ice Pops.

Next we needed lemonade- so we bought some lemons to make our own. And lucky me, just that day I came across Lacy's

Strawberry Lemonade recipe

and thought to myself how perfect!

Please notice Mister M's photo shoot styling :)

Basically, you need lots of strawberries, some lemons, a few cups of water and some sugar ( check

Lacy's recipe here

for exact quantities).

...STEP 1...

Cut your lemons in two and squeeze them to keep all the juice. 

Ask for a little help, 12 halves can be long and tiring!

...STEP 2...

cut your strawberries in two and remove the ends.

...STEP 3....

1- add your strawberries, 2- then lemon juice, 3- then sugar and 4- lastly your water into a blender.

...STEP 4...

Put the lid on and press on the button- blend until smooth. You are lemonade ready! 

Drink if you like... not all of it!

...STEP 5...

-Here we improvised a little- according to Mister M you needed to pour your lemonade into a popsicle mould.

We couldn't find ours, so instead we filled some small styrofoam cups, a little more than half way.

We had coffee stirrers which we used as sticks- although I recommend using popsicle sticks, they are a little sturdier.

In order for our sticks to stand straight, we cut some aluminum foil into small squares and cut a small slit in the centre, where we inserted our sticks.

-According to Mister M you should put your cups in the freezer at noon and the'll be ready for an afternoon snack the next day.

...STEP 6...

We removed our styrofoam cups- they simply popped out, to find a beautiful and delicious red popsicle... Enjoy your Frigolo! 

On a side note Frigo in french means fridge and rigolo means funny- so the two put together makes it frigolo!

It was so hot last weekend when I took these pictures, the popsicles were melting in front of our eyes. I kept telling the kids not to eat them- they just couldn't resist!

I hope you'll enjoy Mister M's recipe- I'll be honest I'm not sure the recipe is complete, but for a 5 year old I think he did quite fine and the result were amazing. Apparently all the cool kids are making their own popsicles this summer, you should totally check out this amazing

Watermelon Popsicle

created by cool kid Ellie over at

Classic Play

- YUM! 

If you have some kid friendly popsicle recipes we would love to try them... leave a comment let us know what your favourite ingredients are. 

Happy Summer!!!