Today I'm sharing some of my latest sewing projects... I was delighted when Heather from Feathers Flights asked me if I would take part of her blog tour, she recently launched her first patterns- the Playtime Pants & The Harem Pants. Each pattern comes with many different option specially for lengths, from shorts to capris and pants. Of course I couldn't just do one, so I made 3 different styles!

First up, is the Playtime pants- these do not get any comfier with their loose and baggy fit they are perfect for playing in all day long. A simple and quick sew, perfect for beginners or crazies like me who like to make 4 pairs at a time. I'm pretty sure I'll be whipping up a few more pairs for back to school this fall.

I did modify the pattern a little- I widened the leg to give it a balloon effect and to make a little more feminine. Miss E is a girly girl after all! I also made the cuff pattern just a tad bit wider- just for looks.

As for the fabric, it's this wonderful light weight cotton and it's just so soft. I bought it a couple years ago when Alexander McQueen had come out with his reptile/alien collection (remember that- I'm pretty sure it was his last)- anyways the fabric reminded me of his collection and I was going to make myself a skirt!

Next up, is the Playtime Bloomer... oh me oh my do I LOVE bloomers, I've almost considered making myself a pair. Is it appropriate at 37? Why not, right? As long as it's in good taste is what I say.
I found this striped fabric at the thrift store earlier this spring and with neon and stripes being all the rage this summer I knew I would find something to make for Miss E. The Feathers Flights bloomer pattern is just perfect for it- don't you find?

For this pattern I added a waistband- just so it would match with the cuffs. I also made the cuffs a lot longer than the required length- Miss E can get fussy with tight things around her legs. I recommend measuring your kids thighs for just the right fit and adjusting your pattern. This was an even quicker sew, I'm just upset I didn't make a few more...

 You know we are bringing these on vacation- super stylish, super comfy, super cute!
I couldn't help but show you how cute Miss E is in her head scarf. And if you are wondering her top is vintage- something I found last year on Holiday. I think it might be a dress, but fits fine as a top too.
Now I know I said I made three pairs- I did! I made the Harem pants too. What I didn't realize is that the fabric I used had some wool in it and well you know kids and wool, right? So they need to be lined. Also, it is super duper hot here these days and I just didn't have the heart to make Miss E wear woolly harem pants just to take photos... I promise to have some for you as soon as the weather cool off. The Harem pattern is just as easy and fun to sew. They are extra roomy for extra comfort!
Have a look at what everyone else has done- you'll find lots of boy examples- because these make for great boy pants too. Mister M was just a little to big, the pattern go up to a size 4.
And don't forget to check out the Feathers Flights store to buy your copy of the pattern.  

 RaeAnna from Sewing Mama RaeAnna
 Heather from Feathers Flights
Ari from Max California
 Magda from House of Estrela
 Sophie from The Sisters 4
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