Today I'd like to introduce you to Jane from 


. I've known Jane for a little while now and I'm constantly in awe of everything she does, from crafting to sewing and cooking. I always feel happy after I've passed by 


, there is something about Jane- maybe her lovely smile or positive vibe, her cute kids surely help too! We always seem to be cheering each on as we take on yet another project and I'm not sure who sewed up more Fancy Pants Legging- hihi!

Needless to say I am so very exited to show you what Jane has planned for us- hummingbirds don't show up in our yard very often, this little craft might just be the next best thing!


Hello, I am thrilled to be here at

Petit a Petit & family,

thanks so much Celina for letting me share your space for the day!  My name is Jane and I blog over at


where you’ll find me making crafts with my kids, sewing, and exploring nature, stop by sometime to say hi!

Celina just recently had an

epiphany of sorts

in which she decided that she would simply blog about things that she loves and in turn she suggested that to her guest posters as well..."Write about something you love."

There are lots of things I love, my


, my children,


, summer








, the


and ocean

...and many more...but one thing that I really love about summer in particular are hummingbirds!


They are simply magical flitting from one flower to the next.  The sound of their wings buzzing as the zoom past you.


Their grace as they change direction mid air.


Every time one zooms into the yard and is noticed there is a whisper and a point from someone, "a hummingbird!" followed by a pause to watch and observe it until it moves on...

Sadly, for some reason, the hummingbirds haven't graced us with their presence this summer.  Perhaps it's because we don't have much


this year (yet) partly because I began to add to the garden a bit late in the season.  Maybe we put out our feeders too late and they had already passed us over (


, if we


have them I would gladly make them

a new feeder

!).  Or maybe it's something else all together...

Whatever it is we miss them.  And it doesn't quite feel like summer without them.

So, we decided if we can't find any hummingbirds we will simply

make some intead



To make

supplies:  thin sheet of balsa wood

, exacto knife, eye screw, wire, dowel, cardstock, glue (I used hot glue) acrylic paints, and a

Hummingbird template

Cut two hummingbird body shapes out of the balsa wood.  Glue together for stability.  Paint your hummingbird as you'd like.


While you are waiting for your bird to dry, carefully drill a hole into one end of your dowel, insert eye screw.  Feed a short length of wire through the eye and twist around on itself.


Once the hummingbird is dry use your exacto knife to cut a small slit in the balsa wood that is slightly down from the top and about in the middle of the body to feed the wings through.  Cut out your wings from the cardstock and feed it through the slit.  Finally, carefully poke the wire between the two balsa pieces near the wings.

And you are done!  Take your hummingbird outside to enjoy your garden...

Hummingbird at feeder

And, because I couldn't stop at just one hummingbird craft...I've got another...


Stop by

my blog to see more details.


Thanks again Celina for asking me here today, it was fun!