How was your weekend? In the end mine ended up filled with lots of fun stuff, Saturday was a rainy stay home kinda of day, which is just what I needed to complete my shorts for todays posts. I was lucky, Sunday ended up being unexpectedly beautiful and I was able to snap some pics outside in what the kids like to call their enchanted forest, it really is just the back alley, but shhhh!

I'm very excited to be part of the Short On The Line sewalong, I have to say I'm a little nervous being the first up in this series, it made me be a little bit more anxious than usual. 

First up is Mister M in his new Dip Dye Cargo shorts. There something about cargo shorts I love, cargo anything actually in khaki or brown for the whole family. So when I was given the opportunity to choose a pattern to sew with, I was real exited to try The Coastal Cargo Pants by Blank Slate Patterns. I really do love the slim fit of this pattern and the stripe along the side of the leg had me sold. 

Now the challenge was to sew up some shorts, so I made a few modifications to The Coastal Cargo Pants pattern- I shortened the leg, I widened the "tuxedo" stripe a tad, I omitted that same detail on the inside of the leg ( by pure laziness), and I took the lining of the front pockets, doubled it and stuck them on the outside, I also added an adjustable elastic at the back waist. 

I also have a removable pocket for all of  Mister M's nature scavenger hunts finds. That was supposed to be two back pockets- but it didn't work out like I wanted. Just when I was about to sew the first back pocket on I realized it might not be the most comfortable and I really liked the sleek look of the shorts, adding those pockets would have made them so much more sporty. So instead of throwing out the pocket I had started, I made it into a removable one. It's kind of cool, I'm not sure how often we will use it... tbc.

And of course, the dip dye! Miss E could not be the only one with some cool dip dye clothes... in all honesty I am hocked- Dip dye anyone? I almost dyed Mister M entire wardrobe, well these shorts and two of his button up shirts too.
I really had no idea how the shorts would turn out, I even googled men's dip dye shorts and came up empty handed, which made me hesitate for many days... I love it, Mister M loves it too! What do you think?

These linen shorts can be dressed up or down, with the 5% lycra it makes them that much more comfortable. I might just have to do this pattern in a sweatpants material, what do you think?
Check out the other Blank Slate Patterns I really do like all the little boys styles. I can't thank Melissa enough for providing me with this great little pattern.

Miss E needed some summer shorts and I've wanted to do this little number for while, so it was the perfect opportunity to get me sewing it.

So is it a jumpsuit or dress? No and no! Who here loves jumpsuits? I'm a huge fan, just not so much when it comes to going to the bathroom and having to pull everything down and especially when you are trying to potty train. So why not just create a top and bottom in the same fabric! Genius! It really does the trick and you don't always have to wear them together- bonus! I got this idea from a Japanese Pattern book I own. Actually the top is from one book and the bottom is from an other Japanese Pattern book as well.

And what little girl doesn't love skirts, except they aren't so practical for the daycare or playing in the park. So, make shorts that look like a skirt- Miss E loved the concept!
I added a little drawstring to hem so we could give the shorts a balloon effect as well- I thought the outfit would look more like a jumpsuit that way. These shorts took me 30 min to sew, I even just added a fold over elastic to the waistband. The fabric, I found at my local fabric store during KCW and just got around to using it. I'm pretty sure it's 100% cotton. Easy breezy- perfect for our hot summer days ahead, well if they do ever decide to come!

Thanks Rachael and Carla for having me be part of the shorts on the line sewalong!

The Shorts On The Line sew along is  hosted by imagine gnats and small + friendly, sponsored by Jo-AnnPretty Prudent/Pellon®, and Hawthorne Threads.

And today I'm sewing alongside Shauna from  Schwin & Schwin, come see what she's been up to! 

And seriously, have you seen the stellar line-up- all kind of shorts everyday. This is going to be fun...

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So come and sewalong, add your photos to the Flickr group for a chance to win some really awesome prizes! All the details here.
P.S. So sorry for the lousy quality of the photos, there are lines going through them! Something went wrong with my camera and I didn't notice until I uploaded them.