What makes a garment outstanding? Is it the design or perhaps the workmanship? In my opinion, you can have something amazing but unless the fabric is spectacular, well then the garment just can't be outstanding.
Ace & Jig happens to be outstanding, their designs, workmanship & fabric are all amazing. The fabric is hand-woven and dyed in India with the upmost attention and skill.  The first time I saw their woman's collection I fell in love- their oversized red gingham caught my eye and I've been a huge fan even a bit of a stalker... I follow them everywhere, Pinterest, Facebook and IG. Consequently I discovered they were about to launch their first kids collection- and look it's now available, how exciting!

 You know the collection will appeal to your kids when two moms get together to create it. Jenna & Cary ( photo up top) are the creative force behind Ace & Jig, they each have two kids and after having all the moms from their neighborhood nag them about starting a kids line, they felt the pressure and finally did. I can't thank the moms of Park Slope- Brooklyn enough!!!

The silhouettes are simple and comfortable, perfect for everyday use. Of course they used their gorgeous fabric, the colors and textures are just lovely. Most items are unisex, which I think is brilliant, perfect for handing down from kid to kid no matter what they are.

 The woman's collection is simply stunning- I'm not sure which pattern I like best! The styles are just as lovely, dressing up in the morning would become such a breeze. I love the loose fitting tops, the jackets as well, both of these paired with a t-shirt and jeans and you look fabulous! I'm a sucker for jumpsuits- how great is the Ace & Jig one? It's just all effortlessly cool. One of each, please!

You might want to follow Ace & Jig on Facebook, just so next time they have a fun event you won't miss it. They recently had a Warm Weaving event, were the kids used some of the Ace and Jig scraps to make some crafts of their own. Oh how I would have loved to get my hands on some of those scraps, they would make the best looking weaving crafts, that's for sure.
Oh what I wouldn't do to live in NYC! Seriously.

The collection is available at a few different places, even Canada, check out their website- you can buy online too.
Thank you Jenna & Carry for making the fashion industry that much better!