There is something about Japan that fascinates me and it seems like whenever I discover a Japanese brand I can't help but be attracted and in awe of their style and effortless ease at mix and matching ever so perfectly.
Kitutuki is a Japanese clothing line for kids that does just that. Their use of colorful patterns and wide silhouettes is what first attracted me, when I dug a little further I discovered a small collection of simple yet beautiful pieces that when put together work surprisingly well.
 They create small collection which are for now only available in Japan and for a short period at a time- it looks like we just missed their summer collection. I cannot wait to see what they come up with next and hopefully it will be available online as well. However, you can expect to see a woman's collection for fall as well as some puppets my artist "itomono".

Until then, I will practice my mix & matching skills, since I myself have a hard time with putting different patterns and colors together. The Japanese do it so well! Hopefully one day I'll get the hang of it! It might help if I paid them a visit, then I'd make sure I was there during one of Kitutuki exhibitions sales.