You don't know how you met me 
You don't know why, 
You can't turn around 
And say goodbye, 

All you know is when I'm with you 
I make you free 
And swim through your veins 
Like a fish in the sea, 

I'm singin' 
Follow me 
Everything is all right, 
I'll be the one to tuck you in at night, 
And if you want to leave I can guarantee 
You won't find nobody else like me, 

(Uncle Kracker, song lyrics)

I'm sure you've heard, Google Reader will no longer be available as of a couple weeks from now. I'm not sure how many blogs you read, or how you keep tracks of all the blogs you read, but I thought I would give you a few ways you keep following all the blogs you love, including mine of course! 

BLOGLOVIN... is a great way to follow and keep up with all your blogs. It's actually very similar to Google Reader and user friendly. I love getting a daily email with an update of all the new posts from all my favourite blogs. The other great thing is that you can "like" post and help your favourite bloggers get more recognition- a nice way to spread the love!  

You can follow my Petit a Petit + Family Bloglovin account HERE as well as my Tumblr- Least Little Thing, HERE. 

You can also see all the blogs I follow and maybe discover some new ones...
In case you are wondering, here is a post on how to move your google reader rss feed to bloglovin and an other post which breaks down and explains Bloglovin for you.

FEEDLY is an other option- it's beautiful page layout and magazine feel might just be what you prefer. You can like post and share them over all the social media platforms, even pin straight from feedly. If you use an iPad or iPhone, the app is really great. 

So you can follow Petit a Petit + family on FEEDLY  here, as well as Least Little Thing here.  

Incase you are wondering how to migrate your Google reader to Feedly, read this!

You can also get an email everytime I post something on Petit a Petit + Family, that way you will never miss a thing! 

Subscribe via Email HERE.

Since we are on the subject of following, you can find me on FACEBOOK- come like my Petit a Petit + family  fan page, I share my posts, things I like, promotions and other silly things.

I'm also on TWITTER, although I have to admit I never really got into it and I might answer back a few days later!!! Find me under @Petitapetitblog.

I'm on INSTAGRAM- not these days, I put my phone in the washing machine and well all it does now is buzzzzzzz. But I really enjoy taking photos, sharing an interaction on IG. 
Find me under @Petitapetitblog as well.

Of course I'm on PINTEREST... all day long and even nights, I share everything from home decor, fashion, recipes, DIY's and kids fashion of course. It's where I get my inspiration from, it's where I free my mind. 

Here is the photo I've been using on most of my social media platforms- that way you know it's me you are following me and everything will be alright! 

Lastly, please leave me a comment or press like- it always warms my heart to see that your liking what I'm sharing... and the better I get to know you, my readers, the better I can post things I know you and I will love. 
 I can't thank you all enough for making my blogging journey so special and so rewarding- I owe it all to you. Luv ya xxx

P.S. that first photo was made with Recite- a cool little website that makes quotes real fun and pretty to look at.