What do you do when you run out of wrapping paper or simply forget to buy some? We make our own. Actually, we've been making our own since that time I forgot to buy some a couple months ago. 

Since it was a rainy saturday and we were stuck indoors, I though I would take out the watercolors... it's one of those activities that really calm Mister M and Miss E down and we can always use some extra wrapping paper

You can never really go wrong, the younger the kids the better! It always come out so very pretty and who does't love a little kiddie art. I know I would't want to tear mine apart. 

What you need:

- Next time you are at ikea, buy the big roll of paper they sell in the kids craft corner. It's a nice thickness and doesn't tear easily- just perfect for wrapping paper! You'll never run out of wrapping paper now! When we don't have time for watercolors, I just have the kids draw on the paper. 

- Watercolor paint

- Paint brushes

- A little water

What to do:

- Let the kids go crazy- avoid using toooo much water

- Let the paint dry ( it's a pretty quick process )

- Wrap your gift- have fun use satin ribbon or a pompom or leave it as is.

Please be back later... it's my birthday today and I have a little giveaway for you!