Today is a good day! I have lots to talk about and share and this post is just part I of II- because I just couldn't fit it all into one post.

First and foremost, I am over at Straight Grain guest posting on An's lovely blog and I am part of a series called Belgium Style. I was really excited when An asked me to take part, I've been a fan of Belgium children designers for years and I am constantly inspired by them. Their use of colour is phenomenal, their ability to mix match patterns is irreproachable, their layering skills are spectacular and the overall look is just too good.

Here is a sneak peek at the outfits I put together,  for both Mister and Miss E. To see the outfits in action, please visit Straight Grain... and then come back and see by who I was most inspired!

The first Belgium label I ever discovered was Maan, I can still picture the wool skirt I had seen on the  pages of Milk Magazine. I did so much research to find out more about the brand, it wasn't until a few years later that they got their website up and running and that I really discovered their lovely world! Maan still happens to be one of my favourites. I've blogged about them here before- I just love love love everything about their collections.

This summer one of my favorite collections has to be Bellerose. Not only are the clothes amazing, but look how fun the photoshoot is. True to Belgium style, Bellerose does an impeccable job at mix and matching colors and patterns. I also love the urban/ streetwear style of their collections. It's all very fashionable and yet the pops of colours make for a lovely and fun children's line. I could dress my kids head to toe in Bellerose.

Next is American Outfitters, this Belgium brand is just as fun as the others- they happen to be very influenced my american style (specially this season) but still stay true to Belgium style. The summer 2013 is, as always, urban and fresh. You'll find the classic cardigan, a mix of neon and subdued colours, lots of coloured denim, cute dresses- just about everything to make a perfect wardrobe. We own a few pieces and just love them- their Tees are always fun.

And last but not least is Simple Kids- the ultimate mix and match collection! Grab any piece from their collection and put it together, although everything is so different, it works! It's like magic, I'm not sure how they do it- I really wish they would tell us their secret! Once again, I love the bold colours paired with some lovely plaids and florals. Their little accessories are also lots of fun. Sweaters, cardigans and blazers are always a must have in any Belgium kids clothing brand. 
By the way, I had previously blogged about them here too!

So these four labels are most probably the ones that influenced me the most to create my Belgium Style outfit which you can discover over on the Straight Grain blog.  However I have a few more favourites to share tomorrow- with entirely different styles and still very true to Belgium Style!