I am so excited to be over at Curly Birds today, Helen asked me if I wanted to help her out- her twin daughters School Picture Day is today and she needed a little inspiration. I had so much fun with this post, I put a few outfits together with a few rules and styling tips to go with them, so be sure to check it out.

However, I couldn't leave the boys out- they too need to dress up for their picture day! So I have part II, right here on the blog for you...
P.S. These make great Spring/ Summer Outfit too!
Let's hear it for the boys...


Outfit #1 (images 12345.): keep it dressy.

A dress shirt is always my first pick- it's a classic, it looks sharp, clean and neat. To keep the outfit looking nice I paired the gingham shirt with some chinos, but made it fun by making them bright green. Don't be afraid to play with colors- bright bottoms are all the rage these days! Be a little creative, change the laces to your kids sneakers- any color will do or match to a color in the button up shirt or pants.  You can add a simple cardigan to tone it down a little- once again to be worn only if it's cold or for the walk home! To many layers will make your kid look bulky and stuffy in the photo, also avoid things that don't fall well or get bunched up when they are sitting.

Outfit #2 (images 6, 7, 8910.): keep it casual.

If your child isn't used to wearing button up shirts, then polo shirts are a great alternative. You can even add a bow tie! Have you seen the ones with the clips, you can keep the shirt collar open and just clip the bow tie to one side- genius! That is the only kind my son will gladly wear and it always adds an extra cuteness factor. You can match the bow tie to the pant color, choose a fun pattern or keep it simple if unsure. Jeans are always an easy option- the darker the better and forget all those funky washes. Have fun with the shoes, we like bright and colorful sneakers in our house! 

Outfit #3 (images 1112131415.): keep it cool.

This outfit requires you to keep the cardigan- it's what make it! If you are choosing a fun, colorful cardigan, then pair it with a basic t-shirt- avoid the same color, but instead something that compliments the colors nicely. Add some colored jeans or pants if you like or keep it simple with darker tones. If the outfit is very casual and you would like to dress it up a little- add some nice shoes or booties to complete the outfit. 

The Golden Rule: What ever you do make sure your kids like it too! 
For more RULES and the GIRL version of this post, don't forget to check out my guest post over at Curly Birds.