I hope you are enjoying all these sewing posts as much as I've enjoyed sewing for Miss E? 3 more days of  KCW to go and I haven't even started sewing for Mister M- yikes, I feel terrible! 

On day 2 and 3 I sewed some more from the same Japanese Book as the day before Enanna 80-90. I now realize that Miss E is actually 100 cm, so I have made all the patterns longer by 5-10cm, but since the fits are loose I haven't had to adjust any of the widths. 

In these first photos, I made this really awesome playsuit. When I went to buy a zipper the other day, I got side tracked ( as always) and came out with a bunch of new fabric, this little floral print beeing one of them. I love it! It's 100% cotton and I'm pretty sure I found it in the quilting section of the shop. It will be perfect for our soon to be summer.

Oh look there are pockets, well sort of! This pattern is quite special, I've never seen a jumpsuit made this way... It's almost like pants with a waistband all around, but with the front panels too.  It sort of has kangaroo pockets but on the inside. I wish I had the right vocabulary to explain it!

It was pretty easy to sew- the easiest project yet! and the fit is perfect. I just need to figure out how to make it easy for Miss E to attach the neck strap herself- they called for some D-rings, but she is too little for that. Maybe a snap? Any ideas are more than welcomed!

Can you tell the photos above, were the last ones I took!!!

Oh how I LOVE this top- this is my style!  The wide silhouette, the light grey, the little vintage lace detail at the bottom ( I added that)... I need to make this top in all the coors of the rainbow!

This pattern is also from Enanna. Did I mention I love every style in the book? Guess what I'll be making them all!

I love sewing linen- you don't even need an iron, your nails do the trick! This top will go with all of Miss E's summer bottoms- skirts, leggings, jeans and crazy patterned shorts!

And well, I didn't sew up these shorts this week, but I did a couple weeks ago! I tested out Heidi's from  Elegance & Elephants Bubble Short Pattern and this is what came from it. It has to be the cutest short pattern out there. I made the sailor version, with a lovely contrast fabric for all the details on the inside.

Don't look too close, you might notice a tear in the fabric- lets just say button holes and I just don't mix. Give me anything to sew- anything but button holes! My seam ripper went right through the button hole and kept going...

These were fun to sew and I can't wait to make Miss E an other pair, I also plan on making Mister M one too. To be continued...

You can see what everyones up too on the KCW Flickr group and check mine out too while you are at it!!!

All right, I need to be getting back to my sewing... see you soon! Happy Sewing!