So as you might have heard, this week I'm sewing for my kids at least 1 hour a day or should I say a night for the KCW challenge. Since I work all day, I get to sew in the evenings and with this first project, well lets just say it might not have been such a great idea!

I had cut out my fabric pieces for Project Run & Play back in febuary and never got around to sewing it- so needless to say I had sort of forgotten what all the pieces where meant to be. I figured it out in the end and from a mens's shirt I made Miss E a romper, playsuit, jumpsuit... what do you call this?

I did mess up! I wanted to make my front waist lower and instead I cut the back pieces. The problem is that I had made sure the plaid would match at least in the front- and since I was working with recycled material, by back pieces didn't end up matching- but I was willing to live with that. BUT, now my back is in my front and my plaid doesn't match! Also, I will have to add some fabric- a gusset of some kind, because the crotch in the back is not curved enough- naturally!!!

Miss E loves that it's her dads old shirt, we even have a photo of him wearing it! I had bought it for him in a thrift shop when we first started dating- uhmmmm 12 years ago.

I love that she can get in and out of it on her own- so she will be able to wear at daycare this summer.

I think all the little details is what makes this romper fun. The pin tucks at the front, the previously existing pocket on the heart at the back, and the little bit of elastic at the hem. It also has just enough pink!!!

Here are some more photos...

and well, I hope this photoshoot isn't what all the photoshoots will be like this week, because lying down isn't always going to provide the best shots!!!

Well at least I know she can play in it!!!

I'll have day 2 up hopefully tomorrow- fingers crossed it fits! I don't see how it couldn't- you'll see what I mean.

You can see what everyones up too on the KCW Flickr group and check mine out too while you are at it!!!
Happy Sewing!