Sharing this little cascade dress tutorial I did with

Figgy's Patterns

back in september- now on

Let's Do Sew


ust in time for the summers months to come!

Easy to sew and your daughter will love to twirl in it for hours...

*** UPDATE*** I've decided to stop publishing on Let's Do Sew and concentrate on this blog only- so I've imported the tutorial and blog post here. I hope you'll enjoy it just as much, if not more!!!


Back in august I entered a little competition 

Figgy's Patterns

 was having, where I made a cascade- high- low dress for Miss E from their 

circle skirt pattern

. Guess what I won! One of the perks for winning was having the tutorial of the dress created and published on their blog. How cool! Well today I'm sharing the tutorial on my blog- in case you missed it!

This is a pretty easy dress to sew and your daughter will enjoy to twirl in it for hours.

You can make it in any size really and the starting point is the circle skirt which you can find 


. For all the instruction and how to, just click on the photo below.

and in case you are interested there is a small interview on the 

Figgy's blog

 where I answer a few questions about sewing and I even share a recipe! Have fun!