"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."
I skipped week 15 & 16- actually I did take pictures but never got around to blogging about them. I'll add those to next weeks posts.
This weekend we went on our first bike ride of the season. The kids were so excited!
Miss E... learnt how to push on those pedals- it took us sooo much time to go around the block, but she was so proud. I think it's time we got a new tricycle, this red flyer is so rusty! That's what happens wjhen you leave it out all winter! Oh and we love our SHWINGS!
Mister M... outgrew his! And he thinks it's cool to ride his bike with the steering wheel going the wrong way. Well until he noticed he didn't have much control and couldn't go so fast...
What a great initiative by Jodi from Ché & Fidel!
It's never too late in join in!

For more portrait of my kids from the previous weeks, go here.