"Show and tell... I tell you a little about me and show you something cool related to what I told you!"

A couple of weeks ago I bought the kids a vintage globe. They were so excited to see were we, our friends and family lived- we then moved on to discover where the Eiffel Tower and Statue Of liberty were, where Ninjas and Hello Kitty lived and so on. I then showed them where the furthest place was from us... yup where the Kangaroos live in lovely Australia. It's no wonder we are so fascinated with this far far away country, everything seems so exotic and dreamy. I think it's every kids dream to visit Australia growing up. Are there direct flights? If I ever make it there it will have to be more than just for spring break!!!
Now, with access to the internet I find that Australia doesn't seem so far and as strange to me anymore. To think of it I'm constantly exploring that side of the globe- I read this blog everyday, I wish I could attend all these workshops but instead keep a close eye to what's going on through my screen, I don't miss a publication of this magazine and every time someone asks me where I got Miss E's winter hat and I tell them I got it from this online shop and they look at me in awe!
I wonder if the Australian think of us Canadians in the same way?

All this to say that I have discovered this really great online shop from guess where? Australia! The great news is that they now ship internationally and so, I present to you Country Road...

Country Road has clothing for the whole family, but I have to say I was really impressed with the boys selection. Their selection of clothing and accessories is great for everyday and has just enough flair, just the way I like to dress Mister M. A nice mix of staple pieces with some trendier items and what's awesome is that all the styles mix and match nicely making layering a breeze.

I loved the girls collection as well. The bold colors, large polka dots and starry prints defenitely caught my eye, however I particularly liked the Jacquard knits. Lots of fun styles to play around with to create a truly unique wardrobe!

How cute are these baby items. Love love love those large polka dots cardigans paired with bright skinny jeans!

How crazy is it that we can shop on the other side of this planet? Hopefully one day I can actually shop in one of their many retail stores!!!