I have been keeping a close eye on this lovely collection- Wolfechild. I first saw it on Pinterest, a few months ago and was instantly intrigued- I discovered a lovely blog with a few select handmade children's clothes. Everything is beautifully made by Claire Wolfe  Boockheier in Brooklyn. I am so pleased to see that since then a small online boutique has opened up and filled with really cute items.

I love the simplicity of the cuts, reminiscent of the past and yet ever so contemporary. I love that everything is handmade and that some of the fabric is hand dyed, and isn't it awesome that some of the fabric is vintage and has been upcycled? The fabric choice, the colors and the patterns are all so great. Everything is made in small batches or unique pieces, so you'll want to bookmark this shop and check it often! 

All this makes miss my sewing and creating days... I think it's time I made the kids a little something!